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An Israeli Legal Scholar’s Argument About Legality of Israeli Air Strikes Was Removed From Youtube


Hello, and welcome to ATP's, Really Dumb Things They Said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

An Israeli legal scholar's argument about the legality of Israeli airstrikes was removed from YouTube this week for violating the platform's, "Violent criminal organizations policy." Eugene Kontorovich, a professor at George Mason University, appeared on the RT network to explain why Israel's counterstrikes in the Gaza area are protected by international law.

After posting the video explaining it, the professor received an email saying he had violated YouTube's, yes, “Violent Criminal Organizations Policy.” That policy bans, "Content intended to praise, promote or aid violent criminal organizations," and it listed examples of violations, including hostage videos, propaganda produced by terrorists, and terror recruitment videos. Got it?

So, the idea that a law professor explaining international law justifying a sovereign country, a member of the United Nations, i.e., Israel, engaging in self-defense is really just supporting terrorism. It is not just dumb. It's radically anti-Semitic and calls out for correction. When is this censorship by big tech going to end?

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