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Join us to support American Truth Project 

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Here are five reasons to support American Truth Project:


1. Our fight against anti-Semitism and the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement (BDS). Cynically modeled after the boycott campaign against South African apartheid in the 1980s, BDS is led by virulent bigots whose cover is non-violently fighting for Palestinian human rights by starving Israel economically. Their real goal, however — since Israeli technology is in every electronic device sold today — is to poison the minds of well-intentioned people around the world and turn Israel into a politically friendless pariah state, ripe for demographic and military destruction. At ATP, we work to counter this genocidal movement, and educate the public about why its goal is literally the destruction and elimination of the one Jewish State.

2. Our fight for a sound Middle East foreign policy. During the Obama administration, the U.S. turned its friends into enemies and its enemies into its friends. The most infamous example of this was the call for Israel to “return to its pre-1967 borders” as part of the “peace process” with the Palestinians. Meanwhile,  the Islamic Republic of Iran, a global terrorist state, was given a one-sided diplomatic deal which assured its path to a nuclear weapon — which it vows to use to destroy Israel. This weak-kneed, anti-Israel, pro-Iranian foreign policy helped nurture ISIS and severely jeopardize Israel’s  image in the world. The Trump administration reversed all of these catastrophic policies: a reversal which has seen an Iranian economy crumbling under crippling sanctions; the near-extinction of ISIS; the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and re-location of our embassy there; support for pro-American Iranian protesters; and an historic peace deal between the Arab Gulf states and Israel. Depending on the outcome of the Trump administration’s election lawsuits, an incoming Biden administration is very likely to reinstate most of the Obama era’s failed, disastrous policies. At ATP, we work to educate the public about why a strong, pro-Israel, anti-terrorist, pro-freedom foreign policy agenda is the right one, not only for the world, but for America, too.

3. Our fight against homegrown Islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorism is not just the stuff of 9/11; it’s here and coming from naturalized, if not American-born, citizens. Ignoring or minimizing this threat has allowed attacks to take place across America, by murderers committed to the cause of raising the flag of the caliphate over the White House. Often inspired by radical anti-American sermons in their local American mosques, homegrown jihadists are causing terror from coast to coast. Law enforcement, both local and national, for the most part, has been instructed to respond to homegrown terrorism as if it was the crime of just one disturbed person, unconnected to violent Islamic ideology. At ATP, we work to educate the American people about the danger they face from homegrown terrorists, and call for American law enforcement to take it seriously.

4. Our fight for closer U.S.-Israel relations. Israel is the only free society in the Middle East, and one of the very few left across the face of the globe. Israel is human liberty’s only beachhead amid multiple landmasses of brutality, ignorance, and oppression, whose only friendly border is the Mediterranean Sea. Israel is our only trustworthy political ally between Italy and India, and is founded on the same values of freedom and human dignity as the United States. Israel supplies America with priceless counter-terrorism intelligence and training, as every homegrown terrorist attack in the U.S. is descended from a similar attack against Jews in Israel. The United States has a long-standing policy which declares that Israel’s survival and security are crucial to its own national interests. The cooperation and close alliance between the U.S. and Israel must be zealously protected and encouraged. At ATP, we work to further and deepen that partnership through educating Americans about how, in the eyes of both Islamic terrorists and the left, Israel is only the “little satan,” and their ultimate target is the U.S., the “big satan.”

5. Our fight against radical Islam. Since 9/11, America has been under attack from Shari‘ah and jihad, yet unable to truly comprehend the depth and breadth of that threat. Almost every week now, new terrorist attacks occur somewhere in the Western world not governed by Islam and Shari‘ah, kowtowing decent people into fear and socially enforced silence. Fueled through local mosques, the Internet, and various terror cells, Islamic jihadists are working daily to destroy Western society and replace it with a worldwide caliphate. While Western governments make excuses for Islam after each attack, and crack down on free speech as a result, the mainstream media ignore the fact that the war is already in full force. Here at ATP, we work to expose the true sources of this evil, and educate the world on how to combat it effectively.

Thank you in advance.