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Americas Tug-Of-War On Freedom Of Speech


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody, and welcome. It is Thursday, May 6th, 2021, and we're going to talk about censorship, free speech, the takedown of America, and the destruction of America. I'm trying to think of anything negative for America that I could throw out there because that's what is happening now from the left’s tyranny against America.

Channon: I have a negative thing for America.

Will Johnson: What's that?

Channon: Biden.

Will Johnson: Biden, for America. Everything you can think of that is in a negative light right now the Democrats, Biden, all of them are pushing it.

Channon: Big tech tyranny.

Will Johnson: Big tech, tyranny.

Channon: Oh, we have got ‘B’s’ going. So, we have Biden, big tech, and what else? We need another ‘B.’

Will Johnson: Bumbling idiot, does that one count?

Channon: I don't know?

Will Johnson: So, hey, thank you, everybody, for joining us. Please do me a favor. Get out your mobile device, and type 88202. Send me a text, and type, Will. Text Will, W-I-L-L to 88202, and you get awesome information that you need to know about from American Truth Project. What do you think about tech tyranny and censorship?

We're going to talk about Florida, talk about Texas, and how they're combating this whole censorship. So, okay, the Democrats have this whole movement right now, and they're gearing all towards the big lie. The big lie, you've heard that, right?

You heard that. Right now, we have this election recount going on in Arizona, and miraculously, all of the Democrats are trying to say it's about the big lie. This all comes into play with the whole censorship.

Channon: Okay, I'm confused.

Will Johnson: Seriously, it all comes into play. My point in bringing it up is because if you go on to the socialists, media communists' platforms known as, you know, I don’t have to give any names on them, but if you go on there.

You talk about actual stuff that you're aware of, the fraudulent stuff that took place during this past election. Guess what? They are subject to censor you, ban you, de-platform you, delete you because you're not going along with their big lie. You have to believe in the lie that we currently have, and if you believe anything else, then something's wrong with you.

Channon: Yeah, and it's funny because it's getting worse. It's not even just social media platforms. I mean, today, Will just found out that one platform we were using to put the links in so you could find them. They just took our account away with no explanation or anything. We heard that they were left-leaning. We didn't understand; I'm going to say it. Can I say it?

Will Johnson: No. The name of them?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: No, let's not promote them. Let's not promote them, but it's disgusting.

Channon: I don't want other people to use them. I guess that is my thing. It is disgusting. It's like you go in there, and you're like, oh, you can't use this now. Oh, you're not here anymore. Oh, this, oh, that, and it's so frustrating for people. There are two sides to every coin.

Will Johnson: I think it's discrimination. I think the reason why they did it to me is that I'm black. Can I play the race card here? Can I play it?

Channon: I don't want to play the race card? I don't want to do that.

Will Johnson: I don't think that's what it is, but they play it all the time. So, I'm like, hey.

Channon: It's because your conservative and don't 100% agree. Listen, we just found out yesterday. We're waiting for the Facebook oversight board to come out and tell us their decision on whether or not they were going to recommend Facebook put President Trump back on.

Will Johnson: To allow President Trump back on their platform.

Channon: We all anticipated it, and I don't know how everyone felt. I guess I'm one of those people that have hope in the goodness of people. I'm sitting here thinking, okay, this is supposed to be an unbiased oversight board, supposedly. So, I thought, surely, they might turn around. They might allow Trump back on, but then it went downhill from there.

Will Johnson: Of course, I was like you, oh, wow, they will probably let President Trump back on. I guess they decided not to let him back because they don't want someone putting out disinformation about what happened in the bad election.

Channon: Aw, la, de, da.

Will Johnson: It comes down to, if somebody is going to put out information other than what they want, then you can't play on the playground. You have to play the same games that we want to play, or you don't get to play. That's what it comes down to; the little tyrant children have a whole agenda, like, we know what's good for people. So, this is how we're going to push it.

Channon: So, the oversight committee didn't completely agree with Facebook in the matter of whether he should be banned indefinitely. They gave a recommendation, and they will look at it again six months from now. They did insist that Facebook applies and defines its penalties equally among everybody on the platform. We know they don't do that, but that's a recommendation.

Will Johnson: Of course, they do.

Channon: Oh, I don't think ...

Will Johnson: I mean, they do. Look what they did to President Trump when he told everyone to go home and be peaceful, and Maxine Waters, when she said we're going to stay on the streets. They are calling for violence. Of course, they're fair. That's fairness, right?

Channon: So, the day before, Facebook was supposed to come out with their decision for the committee. Trump launched a new communication platform. You've heard about this, right, Will?

Will Johnson: I heard about it, yes.

Channon: It's DonaldJTrump.com. the platform is called "From the Desk of Donald Trump." When you go on the platform, it pretty much just for Trump. It's his way of communicating with the American people. He can do videos. He can do messaging, kind of like the messages he uses to put on Twitter and Facebook. Those are the type of messages you'll see on this platform.

You cannot comment on anything now. You can share it on Facebook and Twitter, which is pretty funny because those are the two platforms that have de-platformed him, but you can share on those platforms. They are trying to put him back on there, and Trump launched his new platform.

Guess who de-platformed him again? Twitter took down his new profile from the desk of Donald Trump, which Twitter said, was similar to the first platform that they took down because they were going to keep him off of the platform.

Will Johnson: So, he has been on there for how long?

Channon: Not even 48 hours.

Will Johnson: Not even 48 hours, and what violations did they say he violated?

Channon: He is Donald J. Trump.

Will Johnson: He is Donald J. Trump, just because of the man.

Channon: I don't know? I feel like their community standards can change every day.

Will Johnson: They change like the gas prices. I mean, seriously, it's ridiculous. What it is, they get someone that, oh, I feel like this today. You know, I don't like what you are saying, so I'm going to block you, and I'm going to block you, and you. Oh, I like you because you're closer, but I'm going to block you because you said something I don't like.

After all, I don't like it, so you don't get to play. That's what it is. It's my playground. I created this sandbox. I put the sand here, and you have to play by my rules because I'm the one who put the sand here. I'm like, well, I just want to build a little small castle over here. Nope, you can't do it because your sandcastle is better than mine.

Channon: Sounds like a privilege.

Will Johnson: Dude, it's so childish.

Channon: It is very childish.

Will Johnson: This is ridiculous. These companies have become monopolies. These companies are trying to control what is considered free speech. Then you have politicians and even the mainstream media saying, hey, it is Facebook. They are a personal private company. They get to do what they want to do, disregarding Section 230. They're acting just like publishers.

They are acting like publishers because they're deciding what we can and what we can't say. If we don't comply with their community standards, then they penalize us. I mean, seriously, they've only created this so they can control the message that's going out to the people. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google have become the virtual public square.

Does anyone understand that? Do you understand what I'm saying? They become the virtual public square. As a result of becoming a virtual public square, you should be able to go anywhere in the virtual public square and say whatever lie you want. That is part of the First Amendment. They're trying to change it. They're trying to change what it means for the First Amendment.

Channon: It's so disgusting. It's funny because Will came up to me not too long before the show, and he's like, oh, hey, look. Try to go to this platform. The platform that I told you that we're no longer on. I sit there, and I'm like, clicking. I go to it, and it says, of course, that you've been removed for whatever reason. What does it say again, Will?

Will Johnson: The actual message said it was US. Media...

Channon: It says, ‘This account has been removed due to inappropriate use of the service.’ So, Will goes to our account, and he tries to find out why they took down the account. It's almost like you're in a movie. We're sitting here. Why did they do this? I'm like, you know why they did it, Will, it's because you're conservative. I mean, it's so bizarre.

Will Johnson: It's because I'm a black conservative.

Channon: Stop playing the race card. I don't care what color you are.

Will Johnson: Look, you don't care, but I am only proving a point.

Channon: Yeah, I know.

Will Johnson: These leftist companies are constantly saying that they want to help black voices. We're all for black voices. Instead of saying we're for all voices.

Channon: The only voices they are for are the Democrat socialist voice. That's the only voice. Let's be honest.

Will Johnson: Yes, that's the only one they care about, but they constantly say they are for black voices. Then they turn around and do the opposite.

Channon: I would go to the DonaldTrump.com desk. It's kind of like a regular Twitter rant on there. Like he used to do. I like him, Will, likes him. He said yesterday after Facebook came out, he said, ‘What Facebook, Twitter, and Google has done is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our country.’ Honestly, I'm sitting here looking at these other platforms.

I'm like, why are we gone? Why don't they like this? Why don't they like that? We're only doing the same thing they're doing. We're having conversations about what's going on in America. They don't like it because you're not the right type of political person. That's all that matters.

Will Johnson: A black conservative.

Channon: He said, ‘Free speech has been taken away from the President of the United States because the radical left lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before.’ I hope so. He says, ‘People won't stand for it.’ But quite honestly, Will, you and I are so frustrated because, little by little, our voice is being stifled.

Will Johnson: You know what? We see it firsthand because of the nature of the business that we're in; they're deliberately attacking us, removing our voice, and removing what we're doing. We never call for violence. We never call for anyone to be harmed. We never advocated for violence. I mean, how many ways can I say it?

We've never done it, but yet they don't like the fact that I go along and support police officers. I don't support these thugs that are attacking police officers who are saying, defund the police. I support the United States of America. I support one of the greatest presidents in our lifetime, Donald J. Trump.

Let me say this about Donald J. Trump, he was not racist. He supported every nationality on the planet. He welcomed everybody with open arms. The whole immigration issue, he said, ‘Everybody is welcome. Just come through the front door.’ It's that simple, but they can keep pushing this narrative.

Even right now, you have Facebook, Twitter, all of them still pushing this whole narrative that President Trump was calling for violence on January 6th. When he did not. He straight-up said, ‘Go in peace. Go home and be peaceful.’ He straight-up said that, but because he said those words, they took it as him being violent. What kind of world are we living in when we hear the truth, but the liars come and say something else?

Channon: I don't know. So, let's listen to how Psaki. I know you don't say Psaki.

Will Johnson: It's Psaki. Psaki to you. Psaki it to me.

Channon: Let's see how she responded to what happened to Trump being de-platformed.

Will Johnson: She's in the press conference, of course, and they're asking her about the First Amendment. About how President Trump is not able to be on these platforms, and why he is being blocked?

Channon: Listen to this.

Reporter: Thanks, Jen. Facebook has decided to keep former President Trump off of its platform for now. Senator Ted Cruz tweeted the following. "For every liberal celebrating Trump's social media ban, if the big tech oligarchs can muzzle the former president, what's to stop them from silencing you?" What do you make of that comment? Does he have a point?

Will Johnson: What is it about you allowing this to happen, and I'm paraphrasing here. How do you know it's not going to happen to you? How do you know they're not going to silence you? So, listen to her response.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki: Well, let me first say that this is an independent board's decision, and we're not going to have any comment on the future of the former President's social media platform.

Channon: Hold on, here comes the comment that Jen said.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki: It sounds like the independent board punted back to Facebook to make in the next six months, as I know you all have reported.

Channon: I can't stand her voice.

Will Johnson: I know it.

Channon: She sounds like; I have this project. Oh my God, okay, here we go. We are not really going to comment, but I'm going to actually get ready to comment.

Will Johnson: I think she is borrowing Hillary Clinton's role, but anyways, listen to this.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki: The President's view is that the major platforms have a responsibility related to the health and safety of all Americans to stop amplifying untrustworthy content, disinformation, and misinformation, especially related to COVID-19, vaccinations, and elections.

Channon: Please stop, save me from CNN. Please stop, save me from Twitter. Please stop, save me from Facebook. Please stop, save me from MSNBC. Please stop, save me, save me, save me. That's where misinformation is coming from.

Will Johnson: Exactly, you know what? Even then, misinformation, telling a lie in the public square, or the virtual square is covered under the U.S. Constitution.

Channon: It absolutely is.

Will Johnson: You can be in the public square and lie. It is up to the individual if they want to believe you or not. That's what freedom of speech is about, but they are trying to control what they say is the truth. Okay, that's your truth, but our truth is different.

Channon: It's funny because she says disinformation, misinformation, then she says what is damaging. So, when has that ever been on any platform? Well, is that damaging to somebody's feelings? That's pretty much what they're doing. If it's damaging to their feelings, their narrative, or damaging to something else. Then they support removing your freedom of speech. What the heck? This is crazy.

Will Johnson: This is insane.

Channon: I feel like I'm living in one of those crazy movies that you watch. Movies that they say, oh, that would never happen in America.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I've had so many people call me on my nightly broadcast, and they say, that won't happen. We got the U.S. Constitution. These people don't care.

Channon: It's a piece of paper. They don't care.

Will Johnson: It's a piece of paper that can be rewritten, abolished, or just done away with.

Channon: Or they change what is true.

Will Johnson: So, let's listen to the rest of this.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki: And we've seen that over the past several months, broadly speaking, I'm not placing any blame on any individual or group. We've seen it from a number of sources. He also supports better privacy protections and a robust antitrust program.

So, his view is that there's more that needs to be done to ensure that this type of misinformation, disinformation, damaging, sometimes life-threatening information is not going out to the American public.

Will Johnson: Okay, so the reporter is going to ask the question about free speech again and just listen.

Reporter: Are there any concerns about First Amendment rights, and where does the White House draw the line.

Will Johnson: Asking about First Amendment rights and where does the White House draw the line? Because what's happening is, people are losing their First Amendment free speech. Even their religious rights, which they don't want to address but listen to her response.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki: Well, look, I think we are, of course, a believer in First Amendment rights.

Will Johnson: She says she's a believer in First Amendment rights but look who she's going to throw the ball to, look who she's going to hand it over to, what is considered free speech.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki: I think what the decisions are that the social media platforms need to make is how they address the disinformation, misinformation, especially related to life-threatening issues like COVID-19 and vaccinations that continue to proliferate on their platforms.

Will Johnson: I mean, come on, people. This is them trying to tell everybody that, hey, you can't tell a lie and have freedom of speech. Yes, you can. That's the whole point of freedom of speech. You get to say whatever it is you want. That is the beauty of the U.S. Constitution.

The beauty of living in America. You get to say and be whatever you want without them coming along and discriminating against you, but they're doing it in such a slick and sly way. Trying to say, oh, it's disinformation. We got to fight disinformation, but what's disturbing here is they are the ones putting out disinformation.

They're the ones lying to the American people, and then they say they want to control the information? It's discussing at all levels.

Channon: I love the T-shirt or the meme that's going around that says, my freedom of speech begins when you don't like what I have to say. That's where it begins.

Will Johnson: Really? I made that up.

Channon: Huh? There are other T-shirts and stuff.

Will Johnson: Really? People started making T-shirts. I didn't even know.

Channon: They've been doing it for a while.

Will Johnson: I have said it for years.

Channon: Oh, yeah?

Will Johnson: I have said it for years now.

Channon: Well, anyway, I like the saying because that is 100% true. Now, Cuomo, you know your favorite person. You love Cuomo. Will likes watching Cuomo so much.

Will Johnson: You know, I watch it for those of you that can't stomach it. So, I have to go through it, and I'm sitting there watching. It's a treasure trove. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

Channon: Okay, Will, so let's play this video from Cuomo and his reaction to the oversight committee's decision.

Will Johnson: The Oversight Committee? Okay, yeah, here we go.

Andrew Cuomo: President Trump is still banned from Facebook for at least six more months. So, Trump and company and many on the right are crying, big tech tyranny, free speech, free speech. First, look at the most popular sites and posts on Facebook.

When it comes to politics, most of the top ones that get the most wattage are all from the right. So, I don't know what they're complaining about, but also, I don't know what they're complaining about legally. The First Amendment doesn't say; nobody can tell you what to say ever anywhere.

It's about the government. You've read it. The government may make no law restricting your speech.

Will Johnson: Let me stop it there because I've heard many communist-socialist Democrats say this when I'm out on the streets talking. Channon, let me ask you a question. Who makes up the government?

Channon: The people.

Will Johnson: We the people, they deliberately leave out that part. We, the people, make up the government. So, when we the people decide that you can or you can't say something, it is the government because the government has connections with Facebook. The government has connections with Twitter. I mean, look at it, Twitter…

Channon: They're also supposed to protect us from monopolies.

Will Johnson: Exactly, so when they come out saying that they conveniently leave that out. We the people, make up the government.

Channon: But listen, the government is supposed to protect the freedom of speech of the people, not the platforms. They should say to Facebook, and then they should say, listen, these people have a right to say and do what they want to do. This is a public forum. This is the new town square.

That's what our government should be doing. So, Cuomo, once again, is wrong in his perception of how this is supposed to work. The government is supposed to work for the people and protect the people from people like Twitter and Facebook.

Will Johnson: They are supposed to.

Channon: Suppose to, they are supposed to work for us.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they're supposed to ...

Channon: For all people.

Will Johnson: They are supposed to do it for all people, but what we see right now is that we have these various platforms simply because you have a different way of thinking because your political view is different. They have taken it upon themselves to say that because you support President Trump, or you supported President Trump, or you supported the American people, or you supported a particular religious group.

Then something is wrong with you. So, we have to be de-platform you because you are putting out disinformation. I will give you one example. For those of you that don't know, I do believe in God, and I don't hide the fact that I do believe in God. I don't go down on someone else because they don't believe in God or have a different religious background.

I think that's the whole point of the First Amendment, the U.S. Constitution, the United States of America, that you get to be free. That's what this is all about, but these people have attacked me personally because I've created a T-shirt on my website. All it says is Jesus saves. You don't have to buy a T-shirt. You can completely ignore it.

Not one single time have I forced anyone to buy a T-shirt. As a result of me placing that T-shirt on the socialist media platform, they have attacked me to the point where they tell me that I'm putting out false information.

The T-shirt only says Jesus saves. So, am I putting out false information when I say Jesus saves? Am I not entitled to say that based on the First Amendment? I'm not forcing them to believe it. I'm not forcing them to buy the T-shirt, but should I not have the right?

Channon: It is harmless.

Will Johnson: If they do this to those of us who are Christians, whatever your religion is, do you think they're only going to stop with Christians? Do you really think that? Because whatever they're doing to Christians, you're next. They did it to the Jews in the 1930s in Germany.

The majority of the people in this nation are white, and they happen to be Christians. They're targeting Christians today. That's where it's going, and if you think they're going to stop with the Christians in America, then you're sadly mistaken. We're repeating history, people, and they're doing it to where you don't want to pay attention. Oh, it is not the same thing. It's not going to happen again, but yet it is coming.

Channon: Okay, Will, we have a caller on the line. We have Dustin from Texas.

Will Johnson: Hey, Dustin, thank you so much for the call. Is Dustin there?

Channon: Hello. Okay, hopefully, they're working on that. So, while we're waiting on him to come on the line, why don't we go ahead and play the rest from Cuomo. Oh, Dustin is on, but I can't hear him.

Will Johnson: I can't hear him either.

Channon: Maybe we are not getting him. Hello?

Will Johnson: I'm not hearing him.

Channon: Yeah, for some reason, we're not hearing him.

Will Johnson: I could hear him when we first got started.

Channon: Oh, his call dropped. That's too bad. If you can't call back in, we wanted to hear from you, but until then, let's go ahead and play that clip.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I will play some more of Cuomo about the First Amendment. He brings a representative on to talk with him. I'm not going to play the whole thing, but the representative says some good points. I am saying that we need to stop allowing these companies to have a monopoly on it. This person he's talking to is a Democrat. I'm like, wow, look at this. This is amazing.

Channon: It's interesting.

Will Johnson: But at the same time, he still has this thing about the whole disinformation. He should say disinformation is part of the First Amendment. People can believe it or not. He even addressed Section 230 but listen to this.

Andrew Cuomo: But this is a business. So, is this, okay? Is it okay even with an official, let alone a president? Or is Facebook and the other social media platforms different than other businesses? This is a long conversation, but let's stick to the specific instance right now.

Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna, whose district is right in the heart of Silicon Valley, but he cares about this issue, and it is something we have to deal with. Do you believe this was the right call for Facebook? Let's talk about why?

Do you believe that they are just like any other business, and they are entitled to judge service as a privilege, and as long as it's not a protected class that they are excluding, they can say no shirts, no shoes, no service?

Will Johnson: That's not the same thing here. No shirt, no shoes, no service. It's not the same thing. We're talking about the virtual public square. The reason why they did Section 230 is so that Facebook, Twitter, and these other socialist companies would not be held liable for someone putting disinformation on the platform.

You know what? They're going, well, we didn't take it upon ourselves. All we did was work with a third party, fact-checkers, which happened to be a left-leaning down the line, 100%. So, the left-leaning fact-checkers come in and say, look, this is not true because I don't agree with it. It's their truth, not my truth. It's crazy. It's ridiculous, a pun intended for the donkeys. All right, do we have the caller back?

Channon: Yeah, we have Dawson on the line. What do you have, Dawson?

Dawson: Hey, guys, how's it going?

Will Johnson: Hey, thanks for the call, Dawson.

Dawson: Will, have you seen that riot that's going on in Colombia?

Will Johnson: I have not. Are you saying there is a riot currently going on right now?

Dawson: I don't think it's in the U.S., but it's in Colombia, though, and I was watching this last night, and obviously, I will be calling into your show like I always do tonight. I'll tell you more about it, but there was a video where fireworks are being shot in the buildings. You could literally see some guy jumping on the hood of a guy's car. Trying to beat the windows in, and he drives off. Then after that, I saw a report that from these riots, 24 policemen have died from this. It's insane.

Will Johnson: Really?

Channon: Wow, I see what you are talking about Dawson, I just pulled it up. This is from a couple of days ago. It says at least 19 people are dead in Colombia as protesters oppose tax increases and inequality. People are struggling from poverty, human rights organizations are out there, and there are human rights violations that they're concerned about. Wow.

Will Johnson: You know what that makes me think of? It makes me think about the whole global reset.

Channon: And people are saying, we want justice.

Will Johnson: Yeah. It all goes to this whole global reset that they want, and it's not just the United States of America that they want to reset. They want to reset the globe, every country on the planet. They want them to comply with this, and they are willing to destroy it. This is insane. Look how they're throwing trillions of dollars, handing it out like candy, and it's all to create this crisis, this economic crisis.

Channon: Well, I don't know much about this, but I'm just going through this article here. It looks like it started when the UN condemned excessive force by police films, killing a 17-year-old. There's a protester saying, ‘The hate of the bullet that killed a man.’ So basically, they're kind of using the same tactics here in America. They're using the police as the target of hate.

Dawson: Oh, my gosh.

Will Johnson: It's crazy.  Go ahead, Dawson.

Dawson: You guys are talking about free speech, right? You guys were just talking about free speech, and obviously, there's a double standard for us Christians and conservatives. So, there was a lady in the store without her mask, and she's pregnant.

This is last night. This stupid demonic liberal goes up to her, starts harassing her for not wearing a mask, and she's like, “Oh, I can't wear one because I'm pregnant.” He's like, “Oh, you're pregnant? Oh, congratulations. I don't give a f**k." It's just ridiculous.

Channon: I knew that was going to happen as soon as mask's mandates were lifted, that liberals were going to attack people that wish not to wear the mask. I knew that was going to happen.

Will Johnson: They have this whole thing; they want to shun people to wear the mask and get the CCP vaccine. They're trying to shun people; shame you. Shame on you, shame on you, you're just wrong. I mean, it's just like children. I can't help but think. It reminds me of kids when they are on the playground at a very early age. It's ridiculous.

Dawson: Did you guys say that President Trump got banned from his own social media thing that he just started?

Will Johnson: No, not from his own. They created a Twitter account for his new platform.

Channon: Yes, it's called ‘From the Desk of Donald J. Trump.’

Will Johnson: They created a new account, ‘From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,’ on Twitter, and within 48 hours, they removed it because of his name, and who he is.

Channon: Have you gone to his new platform? Have you gone to it yet?

Dawson: I looked at it, and it's pretty cool. I mean, you can contact him. You can send him messages. It looks pretty cool.

Channon: It reminds me of a Twitter page, right? He goes on there and puts his little rants on there.

Will Johnson: Just imagine, you know, all of these anti-American, hateful, communist, socialist, liberal Democrats all going to his page and reading what he has to say. We know they are.

Dawson: They can't get enough of him.

Will Johnson: They feel so lonely. They feel like, man Twitter is so quiet. What do we do now?

Channon: Well, to be honest, they still feel threatened by it.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they do.

Channon: Let's be honest. Even the Republicans on Capitol Hill are talking about it. Do we support Trump, or do we not support Trump? And if you don't, you're still kind of exiled and possibly not up for re-election. It's crazy, so crazy what's happening. It's so overwhelming.

Will Johnson: It is 100% crazy. Hey, Dawson, thank you so much for the call, and I’ll look for you to give me a call this evening. Dawson before I let you go. Did you hear the caller that called in last night, Doctor Detroit?

Channon: Oh, my gosh.

Dawson: I was going to say I had such a bad headache from him.

Channon: Yeah, Will, had a caller last night on his show who was a liberal that attacked everybody on the show.

Dawson: Yeah, Doctor Detroit.

Channon: And he said that Will is getting crazier and crazier.

Will Johnson: What did you say, Dawson?

Dawson: Oh, my gosh, dude, I said Doctor Detroit.

Channon: Yeah, he said, Will is getting crazier, crazier. What did you think when he said Will is getting crazy and crazier about what he is talking about?

Will Johnson: He was getting nuttier and nuttier the longer he looked at my post.

Dawson: He kept going around like Will was asking for a direct answer, and he just kept bringing up different subjects. He never directly answered the question because he couldn't. He was just making accusations.

Channon: In all honesty, Will is only talking about what the left is doing. So, when you say that Will is getting nuttier and nuttier, you said that the liberals are getting nuttier and nuttier.

Will Johnson: You are right. I'm proud of myself based on the nutty left.

Channon: So many people were talking last night I just let it go. It was crazy.

Will Johnson: Okay, Dawson, I will talk to you tonight.

Dawson: Okay, awesome. I appreciate it.

Channon: All right, have a good one, Dawson.

Will Johnson: I didn't even think about it, but that's what it is because I baked titles and stuff based on the left.

Channon: That's what I was thinking last night.

Will Johnson: They keep getting crazier, but it's not me.

Channon: It's because they keep getting crazier and crazier. You had three other people on your show, so I just laid low. I was like; there are too many people trying to talk and stuff.

Will Johnson: You should have talked. I didn't even put two and two together on that, but that's what it is. When I'm gathering information from my broadcast, my nightly broadcast, even this one, I label this stuff based on what the left is doing.

Seriously, and they get triggered because of me being who I am and just believing in America—believing that we're great people. Not so much the left, but they keep doing all this crazy, insane stuff. Like tonight because they're all doing it.

I considered titling it and talking to you, my producer, about my titling my broadcast tonight. You're like, no, no, no. I was thinking about, listen, everybody, for those of you that don't know who you're listening to I am a black man, and I'm happy with the way God created me. I have no issues with it.

I'm very happy with the way God created me. So, I was thinking about titling this broadcast tonight, "So Happy for the Three Fifths Clause." She says I shouldn't do it.

Channon:  Well, because we got the Facebook Nazis and such, but hey, listen before you talk about that, we said that America is in a tug of war for freedom of speech. There's a huge thing that we need to point out. We talked about how it's the politicians' duty to protect citizens from people that want to censor us.

We do have some very important people doing that. People like DeSantis in Florida he is setting to ban from de-platforming Florida citizens.

Will Johnson: They will be fined every day, I think if I'm not mistaken, up to half a million dollars a day for every day that they censor Floridians.

Channon: It says Florida is on track to be the first state in the nation to punish social media companies that ban politicians like former President Donald Trump. Under a bill approved Thursday by the Senate Republican-led legislature.

Now it is for politicians at this point. Ron DeSantis, who is close to Trump, called for the bill's passage. He's expected to sign this into law, but the proposal appears to be tested, to be challenged, of course, in court after the tech industry trade group called it a violation of the First Amendment rights of corporations.

Will Johnson: So, wait a minute.

Channon: Will, let me get it all out? What did I say? I said he called it a violation of the First Amendment speech rights of corporations.

Will Johnson: My goodness.

Channon: Give me a break. It's not even corporations that they're de-platforming.

Will Johnson: Oh, my God.

Channon: They're not de-platforming corporations. They are de-platforming people.

Will Johnson: Can I get a word in edgewise.

Channon: No, you can't. It's very important that you let me finish this. Okay, go ahead.

Will Johnson: They're literally saying that tech companies are screaming, this is First Amendment. How is their First Amendment being hindered, first of all? And when this tech toxic, tech tyranny, the tech tyranny company, they're the ones censoring free speech.

If they weren't doing it in the first place, there would be no reason for them to do this. See, that's just the point. These people are insane. I'm telling these people they're evil. They are 100% evil.

Channon: Let me tell you something. I like the bill in Texas even more. It says Texas Senate passes a bill prohibiting big tech censorship. Texas Senate passed a measure that would prohibit large social media companies like Facebook and Twitter from censoring the political and religious viewpoints of Texas citizens.

Not just political people. We're talking about the citizens of Texas. It passed the Senate and has now gone on to the House in Texas. Man, Will, we are here in Texas if people didn't know.

I'm looking forward to this being passed, but this is a good example of what leaders do. This is what it means to protect people.

Will Johnson: I have to say, Governor Greg Abbott, I think the only reason why he's doing it is that he wants to be re-elected.

Channon: I don't care, as long as he passes it.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that's the reason why he is doing it.

Channon: It's the right thing to do. The Senate passed it first, and then the House is next. Then Abbott said that when it hits his desk, he will sign it. So, I look forward to the one in Florida stretching it a little bit more. I don't think it should just be politicians that are protected.

I think it should be all people that live in the state of Florida. They should be protected, but this article I read seems mostly for people running for office or politicians. We'll see, I don't know, but in any case. It's a right move in the right direction. Unfortunately, this should have been done a long time ago.

Will Johnson: That's one of the things. I don't think President Trump walked on water, just to be clear for everybody, but it was disappointing that President Trump didn't address the whole censorship issue when he walked through the doors. That should have been one of the first things.

Personally, I wish he would have done an executive order to say, hey, if you hinder free speech, no matter what, here's the Constitution, you hinder it, you're going to be penalized. Here is an executive order. That would have shut them down immediately, and you know what? We wouldn't be living this big lie right now.

Channon: I think it needs to be more than an executive order because the next president that comes in ...

Will Johnson: I'm saying there needs to be an executive order, but the Republicans in the House and the Senate, at the time, should have been doing whatever they could to make sure it stays and sticks.

Channon: They should have been more proactive because now we are in a situation. I'm talking about it's more than social media that's discriminating against us. It's businesses that discriminate against us.

Will Johnson: I just had one today that did it, yeah.

Channon: It's Go Fund Me type businesses that are de-platforming people, email systems de-platforming conservatives. It's so crazy.

Will Johnson: It is even personal stores saying, if we find out that you're a conservative, we're not going to hire you.

Channon: So, these people are being empowered because Facebook and Twitter have gotten away with it. They've gotten away with it; they're like, they did it, so can we. They've set the precedent that they can do it. We're going to allow them to do it. I'm so sick of this no shirt, no service.

Will Johnson: It's not even the same thing.

Channon: It's not the same thing. To be honest with you. It makes it seem like it's a little thing. When you compare not wearing shoes to someone's freedom of speech. There's no comparison, Cuomo. I hate to tell you. It's so disgusting.

Will Johnson: Do you know what it is? It's like this, you go to a grocery store, and you're walking up and down the aisles, and you're there with somebody else. You're having a conversation while you are walking up and down the aisles in the grocery store.

Somebody walks past you and hears your conversation. It has nothing to do with the store. You are not calling for violence or anything. Well, someone walks past you and hears your conversation. You could be talking about God. You could be talking about something political, someone who's running for office. They go to the store manager.

The store manager comes to you and says, “Hey, you can't have this conversation in our store even though you're just talking amongst yourselves while you're shopping.” You're not yelling on the megaphone. You're not yelling at anybody walking by. You are having a conversation, but they're saying that you can't have that conversation because it violates their store policy.  That's what's happening here.

Channon: That's a problem. We have talked about how those police officers were having lunch, not even in uniform. People around them heard the conversation and felt uncomfortable. We've heard of airplanes being landed because someone didn't like someone's conversation. So, here's the deal. We have empowered the left.

People say, listen, if I don't like what you have to say, I'm going to hurt you. I'm going to de-platform you. I'm going to take away your livelihood and your identity. I'm going to take away so many things, and we're allowing it to happen. It's so frustrating. It has to stop. Listen, SB-12 is the bill in Texas ...

Will Johnson: Yes, Texas Bill SB-12.

Channon: To pass the Senate on protecting citizens from big tech. Listen to how Twitter responded to this happening. A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment specifically on SB-12 but said in a statement that the platform enforces, hold on, people. Listen to this, Twitter rules judiciously and impartially for everyone on our service.

Regardless of ideology or political affiliation. So, it's like I'm lying. I feel like the devil is going to strike me, and it says our policies help us to protect the diversity, lies, and health of the public conversation. Where's our integrity? That's a blatant lie, obviously.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

Channon: Who called…

Will Johnson: Maxine Waters.

Channon: Maxine Waters called for violence during the past year.

Will Johnson: Even Kamala Harris incited violence by saying that she is willing to bail people out for the crimes that they committed. What kind of signal does it send?

Channon: They are still on Twitter, people. They are still on Twitter. That proves right there that they do not apply these policies to everyone.

Will Johnson: This is the way I see it. They see all these tyrants, these evil people saying these things, and they agree with this evilness. So, they see nothing wrong with what they're doing, but when you have someone over here on the right, like President Trump, calling for peace.

They lose their backside and say, oh, my goodness, he's calling for violence. Something is going on in the brain cavity for them to think that being peaceful is wrong.

Channon: Here's the deal if they admit that they are not impartial for everyone on their service, then they are admitting to discriminating against people of a different ideology or political affiliation. It's crazy. They are discriminating against people. It has to stop. Which is what the government is supposed to protect us against, right?

Will Johnson: Yeah, that's what they're supposed to do.

Channon: People should be angry. I know for everybody that's listening right now, there's somebody that you used to follow on Facebook, Twitter, or some platform that you no longer see.

Will Johnson: You're wondering, you're probably thinking that they just stop doing it. I'm willing to bet nine times out of ten they're still posting something every single day. These tyrants have figured out that they get to determine what you get to see, what you get to hear and learn about. They have decided that for you. So, you no longer have the decision. That's what's going on here. You don't get to make the decision on what you get to see any longer unless they approve it.

Channon: The same thing with a store. Cuomo said that you have to wear shoes.

Will Johnson: You can't go to a store without shoes on and a T-shirt.

Channon: Stores can't sell food and stuff that the FDA or bills that the FDA hasn't passed. There are regulations on every single thing. These platforms are working in conjunction with the government.

Will Johnson: Yes, they are. Didn't Twitter even go, or was it Facebook, working hand-in-hand with the current administration about censoring more conservatives?

Channon: I didn't hear about that.

Will Johnson: Working hand-in-hand with them, wanting to. It's there. It is blatantly being put out there. With Psaki making her statement, it is clear that they're working with the socialistic tech companies on disinformation.

Again, people one last time. Freedom of speech means you can lie to people. That's what freedom of speech means. You can say whatever you want as long as you're not calling for violence or saying fire in a movie theater, which becomes a violent thing because people get hurt. You can say anything you want.

Channon: Here's the thing, though. We don't want to give the perspective that conservatives are lying, and therefore we get to do it. That's not what's happening. What's happening is, we are telling the truth, and they don't like the truth. It hurts their feelings, and it hurts their agenda. It hurts their pocket, so they want to stifle it. That is what the communists do in China. Come on, people.

Will Johnson: You just hit the nail on the head. All of this stuff we're seeing is the same policies that the Chinese people are experiencing themselves, and the tech companies are working with them.

Channon: Look what's happening in Hong Kong right now.

Will Johnson: These tech companies are working with the current administration, and the current administration is working with the CCP. The tech companies are like this with the CCP; if you want to come into our market, you have to apply our policies to the American people.

These tech companies are like, okay, yeah, fine because when you go to a market that has a billion-plus people. All of the people that you lose in the United States of America will become chump change. They're not going to care about that.

That's the reason why they're implementing what they're doing right now. That's why it's going to take states like Florida and Texas to stand up. We need more states to stand up against the tyranny.

Channon: Yeah, we sure do.

Will Johnson: We have to stand up against it because if we don't, they're going to control everything we see and what we believe. They're telling us to believe their idea of reality, that two plus two can equal five. They're saying that.

Channon: We can be assured there is no coincidence that Psaki, the Biden administration, media like CNN and MSNBC ...

Will Johnson: MSDNC.

Channon: Twitter, and Facebook. When they all start using the same language, like, the big lie.

Will Johnson: The big lie.

Channon: You can't tell me they're not working together. They're singing in unison. You can't sing the same song unless you learn it. They all have the same script. They all have the same notes. They are the same.

Will Johnson: To prove your case, just to prove your point.

Chris Cuomo: I hope you get why I harp on the big lie.

Will Johnson: The big lie.

Channon: He harps on it. Of course, he does.

Will Johnson: He harps on the big lie.

Channon: I wonder if he gets money every time, he says it.

Will Johnson: Yeah, one of the reasons why they are doing that, and when I started at the beginning of the broadcast here is, the reason why they come up with the big lie is because of all the information coming out of Arizona. They don't want the Arizona information to come out. That's why you have these leftist tyrants fighting against it.

If they're doing this count in Arizona, let them do it. Let them waste their time. What is it that they're afraid of with them trying to stop them from doing a recount? If everything was open, fair, free, justified, and right, then let them waste their time. They can't do it because they're afraid of what you might find.

It's going to be a domino effect. That's going to happen and then another domino and another domino. Wait a minute; they found this here. What is this over here? What is this over there?

Channon: For people that don't know, in Arizona, they are still doing the recount. However, there are Democrats that brought a lawsuit against the people doing the recount. A judge ruled in favor of the liberals, saying that the early mail-in ballots could not do signature matching. They can't match signatures.

Will Johnson: You can't verify signature verification.

Channon: Signature verification.

Will Johnson: You cannot verify the signatures on the ballot. Why would they want to stop that?

Channon: Exactly, they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in this lawsuit to stop it. Now, you can't tell me if they thought this was a free and fair election, why would they spend the money, the power, and the time to fight it? Because they know it wasn't a free and fair election.

They know there are things that would be uncovered that they don't want to be uncovered. It's just crazy to me how people are watching this, hearing it, and they don't see any red flags going up. I see flags going up every day. I'm saying, why are they doing that? You have to question. That lawsuit wasn't just to do a little simple thing. There is money, big lawyers, and hours.

Will Johnson: Hours of research, hours of them preventing the truth from coming out. Then they have the nerve and the audacity to say that they're ...

Chris Cuomo: I hope you get why I harp on the big lie.

Will Johnson: He is harping on a big lie because all they do is lie ...

Channon: Before we get off the air, did I read the thing from Donald Trump? ‘So, the fake news media working in close conjunction with big tech and the radical left Democrats are doing everything they can to perpetuate the term "the big lie" when speaking of the 2020 election fraud.

They are right that the 2020 election was a big lie, but not in the way they mean. The 2020 election, which didn't even have legislative approval from any state, which is required by the U.S. Constitution, and was also otherwise corrupt, was indeed a big lie.’

He goes on to say, ‘In unison, they say, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, or Mueller, Mueller, Mueller. They say all these things in unison, and people buy it. They're all scams by the liberals. We've been scammed, people.’

Will Johnson: Yeah, we're being scammed 100%. It's the downfall of America. I always wondered when I was young, what happened to Rome? I think we see what happened because look how have divided the country is. Look how the politicians are lying to us. They all have their own agendas, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, there's just a lot of them doing this, and they put us in this situation.

So, hey, everybody, thank you for joining us on this wonderful Thursday. It has been a wonderful time. The time flew by. We will be here again next Thursday, same time. Don't forget, send me a text. Send a text to Will and type Will, W-I-L-L, and send it to 88202. Again, send a text. Text, Will, W-I-L-L, to 88202, and you will get awesome information that you need to know from American Truth Project. Okay everybody, have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you next week. God bless.

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