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American Muslim School Teaches Mass Murder To Kids!


Aimee Fuller: You are watching something you may not believe. You can see the subtitles at the bottom this horrifically shows Muslim 10 year old children singing and that they will chop off the heads of their Israeli enemies and conquer Jerusalem for our law. Where do you think this is. Let's just take a minute. Think where you suppose where that might be. In Philadelphia inThe United States of America. Barry Nussbaum is with the American Truth Project. Barry you brought that video to our attention. We're going to show it again more and let you talk about it in a moment. But I mean if I'd seen that on social media I would say oh that's in the USA that's got to be fake news.

Barry Nussbaum: I saw it and I was stunned. My first thought was it was Pakistan. Then I thought it was in the Palestinian controlled territories where they teach hatred and death to Israel and death to the Jews and encourage children to become martyrs. This was in a school, a Muslim school in the Philadelphia area.

Aimee Fuller: So what do you mean a Muslim school. Can you tell us more as we show it some more. What is the backstory with this and I'm speechless. I don't even know what to ask it.

Barry Nussbaum: It hit social media and it was actually put out by one of the teachers who probably recorded it and wanted the parents to see what great children they were teaching to commit genocide in their school. So these the song is to become part of the Solidian Empire which was you know a thousand years ago to slaughter the Jews and the Christians and conquer Jerusalem and cut off the heads of the infidels that are there. These are children United States children. And the apology was not about what they were singing. It was that oh sorry that video was not authorized for release. Well, Oh my God. Of course not. I'm stunned it's in this country. We let these people in to teach murder, genocide, and extermination to children in schools. That has got to be stopped. This incredible progressive attitude of it's free speech you can say whatever you want. Well no there's got to be a line somewhere. And especially when these imams are brought in from overseas from radical schools of theology especially the ones that come in preaching jihad. Aimee it's coast to coast. It's in every state. It's in every major city. And they're teaching the kids that go to school in their centers to kill the nonbelievers. That's you and me and I would guess tens of thousands of your viewers right now that are watching this and sure as hell better be mortified that this is what is being taught within their communities.

Aimee Fuller: As as they say on social media let that sink in. We'd better be mortified. Is it any wonder we wonder why some states have to actually pronounce we reject sharia law. Well yeah that's self evident with our Constitution and the laws of the United States of America. But look at the growth. Look at the change. And this isn't a public school but you say it's a Muslim school. What does that even mean.

Barry Nussbaum: Well it's a parochial school. So in other words you know there's Catholic schools and there's Jewish schools and this is a Muslim school and this is how they teach their children.

Aimee Fuller: Ok. OK. Again let that sink in. Share it on social media. Again Barry I can hardly believe like I said if I'd seen it somewhere and I said that's fake news and no way that happened in America. That was Philadelphia.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah that video was still up this morning on YouTube if your viewers want to go to YouTube and just put in Muslim Philadelphia School. This video has been seen over a million times and it honestly ought to be seen 100 million times.


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