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American Ari Fuld brutally murdered in Israel


Graham Ledger: Page Five now. Why the two states so-called solution would mean death to Israel. An American who moved to Israel is dead. His Palestinian assailant is behind bars. This after the American was attacked on the West Bank. Now, this is a terrible crime. An innocent person was attacked and murdered. But there is a bigger picture here. Take this tragic event and multiply it by eight point five million people. The population of Israel. This kind of senseless slaughter would be repeated over and over again. If there were to be a two-state solution.

Announcer: A 17-year-old suspect is in custody charged with killing an American born Israeli in the West Bank. The Palestinian is accused of fatally stabbing 45-year-old Ari Fuld an American born Jewish settler. Dramatic surveillance video chronicles the attack. Israeli police said the Palestinian who stabbed him in the back at a shopping mall in the Etzion block of Jewish settlements south of Jerusalem was shot and wounded by one of several armed civilians including a bleeding Fuld who gave chase. Palestinian street attacks against Israelis, many carried out by assailants with no known affiliation to militant groups have been sporadic since 2015. A year after peace talks collapsed. Fuld was well known amongst settlers as a pro-Israel advocate. According to his Twitter account, he had planned a lecture tour in the United States in November. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a condolence visit to Fulds family and wrote on Twitter, “I embraced them on behalf of all the people of Israel during their time of terrible sorrow. We live because of heroes like Ari. We will remember him always.”

Graham Ledger: So, the U.S. ambassador to Israel is correct. The attacker is a terrorist plain and simple. and he is a Palestinian and as such guess what. This killer’s family will be rewarded. Maybe already has been. That’s right. The Palestinian Authority encourages and rewards acts of terror like this. So how does that kind of death to Israel policy fit into a two-state solution exactly.? Joining me now on the Daily Ledger Page Five, the founder of the American Truth Project and Daily Ledger contributor, Barry Nussbaum. Barry Ari, the gentleman who was murdered, was a friend of yours. He was in Israel for a reason. Why? Tell us why he was there. What kind of a person he was? What was his mission?

Barry Nussbaum: Ari Fuld was one of the most wonderful characters you would ever have met Graham. He was the type of person you would have just fallen in love with. He grew up in Brooklyn, moved to Israel, joined the Army, became an elite paratrooper. Still was active in the reserves. Very charismatic guy got married there, four small children, incredibly popular in the media for his daily updates around the world. Spoke out constantly regarding the need for security for Israelis all over the country due to constant, incessant Palestinian violence and murder. And ironically, he died by the hands of a terrorist. The very terrorism that he lived his life to fight against. It’s a tragic loss.

Graham Ledger: Maybe not so ironic. Maybe this was planned. Maybe that will be uncovered during the investigation of this murder. I want time as martyrs fund that the Palestinian Authority has. There’s word that this family of this killer may have already received thousands of dollars. But this is part of their agreement, right? Obviously, he’s still alive. So, he’s a living martyr which is probably worse. But the bottom line is they’re rewarding this kind of behavior. They’re rewarding this kind of activity. And so how does this fit into the so-called two-state solution when one of the states wants to kill the other.

Barry Nussbaum: It is a tragedy like I can’t believe, and it’s not in the media. The guy that killed him was transported to the finest hospital in Israel Hadassah Hospital. Underwent surgery and he’s going to be fine. His family according to what we’ve been told has already been paid and they are budgeting money to pay this guy for the rest of his life for killing an Israeli. This is the real story, Graham. He went looking, this killer, for an American. He walked into a falafel sandwich store, asked the woman if she spoke English, she said no. In Hebrew, he asked where there was someone around that spoke English. And as Ari Fuld walked by on his phone speaking in English, the guy turned around, chased him down, stabbed them twice in the back. Using the technique, get this, that is taught in the schools of how they kill an Israeli. Stabbed them through the back into the lung and Ari Fuld chased him down and shot him as he himself bled to death. There is a sign from the falafel store “Ari Fuld saved my life” with his picture on it. And that picture was put up by the falafel store owner because the assailant was going back to kill her too. So, what’s the reward this guy gets? Payment for life Graham from the martyr’s fund that the Palestinian Authority brags about and refused Donald Trump’s insistence that the pay for sleigh program be canceled. America is cutting off the money. God bless Trump for that. But the European Union is not. They’re making up for the lack of money now coming from the United States. It’s despicable.

Graham Ledger: And this is why in my opinion the two-state solution is the final solution for Israel if it ever comes to be. And I think Ari, unfortunately, is a victim and evidence of that. Barry thanks.


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