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America is Entering its Darkest Days


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Welcome, welcome, welcome. It is Thursday, December 17th, 2020. America is still currently floating, but that is subject to change. Apparently without notice, without notice. I want to thank everyone for joining us this wonderful Thursday.

We are having a discussion about what is taking place in America and how America is changing frequently. America is changing without notice, and everyone sees it, but some people are completely ignoring it. The question is, why are they ignoring it?

So, do me a favor, do me a favor. Get out your phone, your mobile device, and send a text to 88202. Type in my name WILL to 88202, and type in my name WILL, W-I-L-L. You will get absolutely wonderful information, documentation that everyone needs to be aware of, so, without further ado, I have my producer Channon here in-studio with me.

Of course, Anni Cyrus is on the other end as the main producer of this broadcast. Thank you, everyone, again for joining us. We are going to talk about what just happened and what is happening with our current election in the United States of America.

We're going to make the connection on how this took place, not only in Venezuela, but it happened in India as well. We know for a fact that has happened in other countries. Now socialism is at the front door, and they're pounding on the door to knock it down.

Channon: Yeah, and guess who's always at the bottom of it? Guess who is always at the bottom of the election fraud, Will?

Will Johnson: The liberal left. It is a virus on the planet.

Channon: Yes. You've been saying that for a long time, and it is 100% true.

Will Johnson: 100%. So, tell us, what do you think the left, now think about this, the left they don't see anything wrong with them bringing socialism to the country. It really ticked them off to no end when President Trump said socialism would never come to this country.

So, they were like, oh, we'll see about that. We'll see about that. We'll do anything we can to get socialism here. We're going to get into a little bit of details about how it took place in India and how socialism comes in. But before we do that, Channon, what is the phone number for people to call in?

Do you have that number? Let's get that number out so people can call in and ask us whatever questions they would like to ask us during this broadcast because you know what? That's one of the things that we like to do is take phone calls from people that want to chat with us. I think the most interesting ones are when we get someone to call us Channon, that disagrees with us.

Channon: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Will, you love that?

Will Johnson: Those are the ones that are really interesting when we get the ones that call in and disagree with us. I mean, I've been told that I have a problem because I like talking to people that disagree with me because it makes for a better conversation.

Channon: Yeah, Will, does have a problem. If you want to call in and talk to Will, the number is 516-595-8069. If you want to come on to the show, just press 1. Once again, it's 516-595-8069.

Will Johnson: Yes. Call that number.

Channon: Yeah, so let's start talking about this election fraud. I mean, election fraud is in the news. According to the left, there is none, but we know better than that, right. So, today, the director of Office Trade and Manufacturing Policy and assistant to the President, Peter Navarro, released a thirty-six-page report on the 2020 election. He did that this morning. It's all over the news. We've seen it on the Epic times website. We've seen it on the Dan Bongino show.

Will Johnson: Wait, wait, wait, you said it's all over the news. I guarantee you that it is not on the liberal media.

Channon: OK, Will.

Will Johnson: I guarantee it. I would imagine big tech, the way they have done in the past, the way they demonstrated. If you put something out there that they disagree with, then it can’t be 100% factual.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: But if they disagree with it, they're going to say, hey, you're misleading the American people. It is not true. You're going to be hit with the community standards guidelines strike.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: And you are going to take it.

Channon: Unfortunately, just like, social media is pretty much shutting out all election fraud information. So, is the liberal media. You're 100% correct about that. There are Republicans in D.C. that are trying to expose what has happened in this election.

Peter Navarro is one of those people. In his report, some of the top things that he reported in his summary are the ballots in question because they identified election irregularities, which are more than sufficient to swing the outcome in favor of President Trump, should even a relatively small portion of the ballots be ruled illegal.

That means Trump won by such a landslide. But in a lot of these states, he won relatively by a small amount; Biden supposedly, we're going to say, supposedly won by a small amount. But they're saying that even if they could prove some of these or expose them, these small irregularities, that Trump should have won this election.

If all six battleground states exhibited all or most of the six dimensions of election irregularities in every country in the world has certain irregularities, or they look for certain irregularities to say whether the election has been fraudulent or not. Right. Most six swing states have met guidelines for election irregularities.

It says this was theft by a thousand cuts across six dimensions, six battleground states rather than any one single silver bullet of election irregularities. So, they're saying that this wasn't just a small little incident of voter fraud or election fraud. It's really across the nation. These things happened.

Will Johnson: You know what?

Channon: It was significant.

Will Johnson: You know what? I was on with Barry Nussbaum, and he's over at the American Truth Project. Very knowledgeable, right? He brought up the point that it came out that it is .008, if I'm not mistaken, I could be leaving out zero but .008 error percent when it comes to these machines, etcetera, etcetera. If I remember correctly, the current error rate is 23%.

Channon: That's crazy. That's a huge amount.

Will Johnson: That is 23%, not .008. So, if it were anything above .008 in the past, they would say, okay, there's something wrong here. We need to look into it. But today, it has been recorded that it is around 23%, and this is not just one location. You know what?

They're still overlooking it. They hate President Trump so much, and they hate the freedoms in this country so much. They're willing to just let it all slide through just so they can get rid of President Trump, to get what they want. This is such a dark hour for the United States of America.

Channon: I mean, just to put that 23% in perspective. Right. So, we're talking about if we have a million votes, 230 thousand votes, we're irregular. That's a crazy amount. So, when you have some of these huge counties that have millions and millions of people, and Biden won by a very small amount, that shows how this election has been compromised. Right?

Will Johnson: It does.

Channon: I mean, it's alarming.

Will Johnson: You know what? It is alarming, and we're all alarmed by it. But you know what is even a little bit more disturbing. Is that those on the left see this, and they ignore it.

Channon: Yeah, they dismiss it.

Will Johnson: They dismiss it. They're even saying that the videos where the guy was putting up the board over the windows so that the Republicans could not see in while they were counting ballots 50, 60 feet away. They're saying that's misleading.

That's disinformation. Even though we see the video as clear as day, they said the voting machines; they said nothing was wrong with the voting machines. Even though it is 23%., they said there's nothing wrong here. This is so disgusting at all levels.

Channon: Yeah, and, you know, Democrats should think about this, right? Because we're going to talk about it here shortly, but when you have this much fraud, when you have a party that wants to circumvent our election process, and that's pretty much what they've done.

I mean, it pretty much said, you know what? They gave this message of every vote counts. But honestly, every single vote does not count to them. They don't care who we wanted. They care about who they want.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: It's scary because that's where tyranny comes in, that's where communism comes in, and then in conjunction with that, you have social media, which is literally silencing half of the population in America. That's communism, people. When you have liberal media only giving you a message, one message, that's communism, people. You need to wake up.

Will Johnson: You know ...

Channon: This is dark. We are about to go to a dark age if we don't cut this off right now. It will be so hard, if not impossible, honestly, let's be honest. Venezuela.

Will Johnson: Done.

Channon: It's almost impossible for them to come back.

Will Johnson: Never.

Channon: Look at China.

Will Johnson: Never.

Channon: I mean, those poor people, will they ever see democracy really in that country?

Will Johnson: Never.

Channon: Absolutely not.

Will Johnson: Never.

Channon: So, if we don't fight this now. We're in trouble.

Will Johnson: We are in big trouble.

Channon: Well, we are in big trouble.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah, we are in trouble.

Channon: I believe we are in trouble.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah.

Channon: I didn't say about to be. I said we are.

Will Johnson: Before the election. I kept saying that. I kept repeating it. We're at a crossroads. We're going to go one way or the other, and if we went to the left. When I was saying this, the country would never recover.

I said, if we do not re-elect President Trump, he will be the last decent president this country will ever, ever see. Everyone knows that Joe Biden, he can barely stand.

Channon: Oh, my Gosh.

Will Johnson: He can barely complete a sentence, half the time, he can't even complete a sentence.

Channon:  And he can barely walk on stage and off stage without assistance.

Will Johnson: He doesn't remember where he is half the time. He doesn't remember where he's going, and all this is geared up to get Kamala Harris to be President. That's all this is, and that's what it's about; this is such a takeover of our country.

Channon: I mean, even that alone, to say that if that is their intention, even that is scary because once again, they're manipulating who people are voting for; to be honest with you, when we had a choice of every single Democrat, when they had how many Democrats running. Right. Kamala Harris was one of the first ones to drop out.

Will Johnson: She was the worst.

Channon: She did not do well. So, why is it that they're forcing her into that position? Right. Once again, people listen to me. They don't care about who you want. They don't care about your vote. They don't care.

Will Johnson: She is 100% sinister. I mean, we're talking about the same person that said that ICE is the new KKK.

Channon: Oh, I know.

Will Johnson: On our border.

Channon: Yeah. She said that they're our enemy.

Will Johnson: Yes. Yes.

Channon: What?

Will Johnson: The law enforcement is our enemy, and you know what? I have to say when I was on my broadcast last night, and you were talking about Joe Biden saying that he wanted to defund the police.

I have to say that Joe Biden has never uttered those words. But Joe Biden's actions, his actions towards the law enforcement in this country, have been completely clear, that he is going along with the mob.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: They're going 100% along with the mob.

Channon: Yeah, yeah. Okay. So, we have a caller. Roger from L.A. has some comments.

Will Johnson: How are you doing, Roger?

Roger: Hi, Channon. Hi, Will. How are you guys?

Channon: Hello.

Roger: Yeah. So, I wanted to chime in. January 6th is the big day. It's coming up.

Channon: Correct.

Roger: And evidently, we're getting a lot of rejections everywhere. I mean, at all fronts. For example, Sydney Powell just merely wants to, for example, put in on the Wisconsin electronic filing at the Supreme Court, and somehow, they're not returning her calls. She's agitated, you know, they rejected it. That's what I heard. Now, that's basically coming from Parler. Obviously, I have no other sources.

Channon: Hum

Roger: Fox covers, really, but just of other things I could care less of anymore.

Channon: Yeah.

Roger: I care about the behind-the-scenes, what’s going on. The problem I have is, how are we confident that President Trump could potentially get another four years? But at the same time, we're getting rejections from the highest level, the Supreme Court.

It's a terrible thing. I mean, we are living in a dark age, Channon. I agree with that. I live in Los Angeles, and I see scumbags like, you know, Garcetti and Newsom running the state and the city of L.A. It's terrible.

I mean, can I let you guys know when we have the drop-in boxes for the mailboxes for the ballot. The moment the elections were over, Garcetti blasted on Facebook, on social media that we're going to use this moving forward for all elections. This is a great idea. He had a picture of a drop-in Mail-in box. Because they know it's fraudulent.

Channon: Exactly.

Roger: You can commit so much fraud with that kind of stuff.

Channon: Right. Once they instituted it in Venezuela, Chavez always won after that. It was done.

Roger: Yep.

Channon: You know, did you want to say something else?

Roger: Yeah, but you know what it looks like, oh, I mean, I swear. I moved here to California and Los Angeles. It has gotten to be such an s### show, you know.

Will Johnson: Let's keep it PG 13.

Roger: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, and I was moving to Orange County, even Orange County, it's so liberal, I mean, think about it. It's turning blue. It's annoying. I want to go where people are, like hunting ducks and having the freedom to do whatever they want and the freedom of speech.

I am so fed up with social media, and Mark Zuckerberg has a lot to do with this, guys. He has the money. He's like the George Soras of social media. I'm fed up, guys. I'm am. And I don't know what to do.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: You know what? You're not alone. There are millions of other people that feel the same way, and if we do not do something dramatic right now, then we're all lost. The country is lost. Something has to happen, and you're right. It's sad.

President Trump put three of these judges on the highest court of the land, and I'm really starting to question, are they going to do their part. Are they going to do what they're supposed to do?

Channon: I mean, Rand Paul came out, what was it, yesterday or whatever, and he said that the courts just don't want to handle election hearings. They kind of want to steer away from it. But we can't allow this to happen.

You know, it's funny because our republic is supposed to be; the power is supposed to be in the hands of the people. But the people are giving the power to the government. We are handing it over to them. We're saying; you know what? We just want you to take care of it.

Well, there's a huge stake here that unless the people get involved, unless we start holding these people accountable for the judgments that they're making. Unless we get loud, start harassing them, and telling them to represent Americans, they're not going to do it.

Roger: And then Channon, can I say one more thing.

Channon: Go ahead.

Roger: The conservatives out there, they have a lot on the line. Somehow, it's harder to fight this fight because they think, you know what, they're family-oriented. For example, they have families.

They have things that they have to make sacrifices for, to fight for, but they're worried. The fear of losing, for example, their job, someone finds out that they're fighting. Right? Let's just say they have a liberal boss. I mean...

Will Johnson: Let me interject here? You know what? You're absolutely right. A lot of people don't want to stand up. They don't want to say anything because they're afraid of these tyrants coming down on them, finding out where they work, getting them fired.

Channon: He is talking about our representatives, Will. I was going to bring up the point that you're bringing up. Even the average person now has to worry about that. Not just our representatives.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it's across the board.

Channon:  Right.

Will Johnson: It's across the board, and the Republicans, especially weak-kneed Republicans, don't say anything because they don't want to lose their seat. They just want to keep the power that they have. But the average day American, see, this is how I look at it.

We can't count on the Republicans, these politicians, to do the right thing. We can't count on them any longer. See, in the past, we used to think, okay, we elected these people. They go up on the hill, they do the right thing, but we can't count on them any longer.

Because they've already demonstrated, most of them, that they're not going to do anything. It's going to take the average American, the Americans that live in this country and want to keep their freedoms, to firmly stand up; 1776 needs to commence again. If we don't, we're all going to go down the drain into communism. I'm so fed up with it. I'm just like you. It's disgusting.

Channon: Yeah. So, I think, Roger, I think we need to make a decision. What are we more fearful of? Are we fearful of losing, maybe potentially our job, or are we fearful of our government which can hurt our family and our livelihood down the road anyway?

Will Johnson: Let me answer that. If you don't stand up, if we don't stand up, we're not going to have a job because they're already talking about shutting down the country again.

These people are not speaking up now. They're not figuring it out. If you don't say anything now, you're not going to have anything to talk about later. They're going to get rid of the jobs. Look at California.

Roger: Will, I agree with you, but I'm thinking about this look, especially during COVID, a lot of folks had the foresight to get multiple jobs, right? One or two or three working from home. You can balance that. How does one have the time to go out there and protest?

I mean, if you're looking at those guys who are fighting, the Proud Boys, the Antifa's or anyone else. They are literally taking anyone homeless off the streets, paying them some money, and allowing them to fight, fight the fight on behalf of the liberals, which is the radical left. I feel that we have a responsibility. That's the bottom line. We do, as Republicans.

Will Johnson: Your right, your right.

Channon: There are many fronts that you can fight through.

Will Johnson: Well, let me say it again. You're right. We have more responsibility and people do have multiple jobs.

Channon: They have more to lose.

Will Johnson: To do whatever it is they can to make ends meet. My point is, I was just in D.C., and I talked to a business owner there. Small business owners who had a restaurant. He is so angry because the government, the local government, prevents him from buying the goods he needs for his restaurant.

They're shutting him down multiple days throughout the week, so he can't even be open for business. When he finally opened for business, he sells out the stuff he does have and still has to close down because they're preventing him from flourishing.

What's happening is that the jobs, these second jobs, and the third jobs that people are getting are going to go away. They're going to go away, and people are not going to be able to find those jobs here if the Democrats get their way. So, we can continue to say that we have to go to these two or three jobs, but they're going to go away because they don't want the jobs to be there. I'm telling you.

Channon: So, yeah, Roger, let me ask you this. So, are you working right now, presently in California? Because I know how it is in California. They are in lockdown right now again, aren't they?

Roger: You know, I'll be honest, I live a comfortable life. In fact, you know, I have multiple properties. I really am living a comfortable life. But even with a comfortable life, it's a struggle. I'll tell you what. This has been hell. I mean, just seeing people breaks my heart.

I got a two-year-old. It breaks my heart to see people with children, especially single mothers, having to deal with taking care of their child. Schools are closed.

Obviously, you know, and when I see somebody, it even agitates me when someone's wearing a mask solo in the car. I'm like, this is the problem. Everyone is falling for it. It is, it's killing me. Just surviving is 90%. I do not believe this.

Channon: So, are you angry enough yet to start fighting back?

Roger: I am, but...

Channon: I think they're going to make us so angry that we're going to start fighting back, we're not going have a choice.

Roger: You know, my wife and I have opposing views, and, you know, she's all for Trump, but now she's giving in. She's like, forget it, it's lost, and I'm telling her because I'm listening to all the Parler, you know, breaking news and all the stuff that's coming out.

I go, look, he's still got a fight in it. I mean, there's a chance. She's like, give it up. Give it up, Roger. It's not going to happen. They already won. It's already been claimed. But she doesn't know. She doesn't know the inside or whatever.

But she's like, what are you complaining about? You got the opportunity to work from home because of this whole COVID thing. Maybe they're on to something. I'm like, look, see, that's the thing. You're going to give up your Freedom for petty stuff. I'm willing to fight for my future of the child that I have.

Like, I want to make sure he lives as he wants. So...

Will Johnson: Let me tell you this, Roger. When she tells you to just give it up, we should just give it up. She is basically without probably even knowing what she's saying. Just give it up and allow communism to take over. That's exactly what that means without even people knowing.

Channon: I think a lot of people that make those statements are just uninformed with exactly the extent of what's happening. Right? And it's overwhelming. Like, don't get me wrong. It is overwhelming. I mean, sometimes we go through this information, and we're like, oh, my gosh.

Will Johnson: It's terrible. It's 100% terrible.

Channon: So, I mean, it's tiresome, but that's where we need people to get organized. I don't care. You can email, you can make phone calls. You can, you know, on the weekends when you're not working or if you work during the weekend, do it during the week.

There's always a time. I mean, believe me, at one point, Will was working a full-time job. He was going from 5 a.m. to midnight doing what he's doing now, trying to make a difference. That's what some people are going to have to do if they think American is worth it.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

Channon: Because let me tell you what, we can lose it all, what you're holding onto now, what you think you're satisfied with right now, it may be gone tomorrow if they get their way.

Will Johnson: If the Democrats get their way. We have to look at their whole plan. The whole build back better. That means, tear down the entire economy and then build it back in their image, in their liking.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: So, really quick, you got one more statement for us, Roger, before we let you go.

Roger: Yeah. You know, I'd like to tag along with you, bro. I mean, I've been watching you for at least the last three or four months. You're motivational. If you go to any of the sites, wherever you go, whichever city you let me know.

I definitely want to help you out. I want to because you have the voice. I'm not the guy who is an influencer. I don't have the followers, but I want to be there, and as Channon said, if I have to start fighting, I have to obviously join forces. If you want, I would love to collaborate. So, you know, Sarah has my number. Let's do it, you know.

Channon: All right. Thank you, Roger. Thanks for the call.

Will Johnson: Thank you. Thanks for the call.

Channon: Anybody else who wants to call in the number is 516-595-6069. Will, he sounds like a lot of people in America.

Will Johnson: I know. You know, his wife saying that just give it up, just give up. I've heard some people say, just look to 2024. The problem with 2024, the problem with that is that there's not going to be 2024 with a decent president having any chance. It's going to be just like California.

There is not a single Republican. A single Republican, even President Trump, could, no not a single person that is a Republican has the decency to run in the state of California and become Governor. It would never, ever happen again.

The same thing here if we do not address the issues that we see right now. This country will never, ever again, have another decent president like President Trump, and it's by design.

Channon: Yeah. You know, Roger mentioned Sidney Powell. This woman is working so hard, and let me tell you what. She has uncovered some crazy irregularities in our election system.

She doesn't have, a lot of the news is not giving her a voice. Right? But this past Sunday, she had an interview with the Epic Times. Right? Which you and I love. We love the Epic Times.

Will Johnson: Along with American Truth Project.

Channon: Right. She talked about many irregularities that she has discovered over the course of her investigation into alleged election-related fraud. She showed a high level of confidence about most of her claims.

Right. She says, you know, you and I always say we're tired of hearing something's coming, something's coming. But she claims that, and let me just read a few things that she said while she was doing this interview.

She said, “We have counterfeit ballast, we have dead people voting by the thousands, if not by the hundreds of thousands. There was something someone called phantom voters. There was just more manner and means of fraud than any law-abiding citizen could possibly imagine."

She said, “It's stunning. It's stunning, and they are so in our face with it. Then to deny it is purely Machiavellian, and that is true. These people are so bold. These people are so confident in their fraudulent activity, and we are seeing this being exposed even in the hearings in D.C.”

She says, “The money, the money interests, the political interests, the global power elite, have been doing this all around the world, wherever they wanted to, for the last 15 to 20 years. Our own government has been involved in some of it."

"Which we saw Obama was involved in the elections in Israel. It cuts across political lines. There have been some Republicans who have no doubt benefited from it, just as Democrats have. They're all playing the game. I feel more every day that the Matrix movie is real. It's that bad.”

She said, “The fact that people are willing to turn a blind eye is absolutely horrifying.” I think we just saw the caller, Roger, and he's horrified as well, right. We see all of this stuff is exposed. Everybody, even judges, representatives, legislators, I mean, at every level is just like, huh, well, we'll look at it, and make sure, you know, in the future we make changes. The changes need to happen now.

She even said, “The Dominion voting system should have been confiscated as soon as possible.”

Will Johnson: Immediately.

Channon: So, they could do their forensic investigation. I hope she's right. I hope that more does come out. I hope that people are listening. What do you think, Will?

Will Johnson: Well, you know what?  They should have been confiscated immediately. But what happened is that, oh, they're like, look at this. We've got to remove these, and they are saying it is Dominion property, right?

Okay, so let me get this straight. They have these servers that are Dominion property that is controlling our election. But we, the people, are unable to check these machines, the servers, and we're supposed to take the word of Dominion, which it came out, and has already been proven that these machines can and will change information, change data.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Then, on top of that, you have people trying to subpoena, to have to put in subpoenas to be able to do audits on these. You have the Democrats, the Socialist Democrat Party, fighting Republicans from doing an audit.

If this was an open and fair election, as they're all saying if it was open and fair, shouldn't these Socialist Democrats go, you know what? There's nothing to hide here. Everything was fair. Look all you want. Do as many audits as you want.

Channon: Right? Because we believe...

Will Johnson: Because they aren't going to find anything other than what's already been happening.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: But No.

Channon: Yeah,

Will Johnson: But No.

Channon: Because they do believe that every vote counts, right.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, they even believe that the illegal vote counts.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: That's the problem here. Now the votes you mentioned earlier, like the votes, how do you say, count every vote, but they don't want to count every one of them. They don't want to count the legal ones. Isn't it amazing how that works out?

Channon: Well, they want to change them too, right? They have evidence that some of the votes for Trump have been changed over to Biden. I mean, come on, people. You know what? At the very least...

Will Johnson: At the very least.

Channon: In order to protect the integrity of our election system, every political party should be non-partisan.

Will Johnson: Yeah, everyone has to be on board with this.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: If there's anything...

Channon: We're doing here...

Will Johnson: Going wacky, because you know what? Just imagine this. Let's just say that this software, the servers are fraudulent, you know, in changing the votes.

Let's just say this software, the servers, and we replace the Dominion server’s software with a conservative server and software, and say, let's use these.

What kind of reaction do you think we would get from the Democrats if we said these are the servers and the software that we're going to use from here on out?

Channon: Right. Well, you know, the good thing is we do have some people in D.C. that are trying to get some hearings submitted before January 6th. In fact, Mo Brooks, Congressman Mo Brooks tweeted today.

He said, “18 House colleagues joined me in sending a letter to Senator Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and various House and Senate committee chairs seeking election fraud hearings ahead of the January 6th  Electoral College votes commission.”

Now, these people, they're supposed to be big on fraud. Right? I mean, they're supposed to, you know, want to protect the integrity of our election. I mean, they did when they did the whole fraudulent facade of Russia.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah.

Trump: Russia, Russia, Russia.

Channon: Right. It's crazy to me, and people need to pay attention. Why do you think that they don't want these hearings to come about? Why do you think that they don't want to hear the information? Why do you think so?

Will Johnson: You know, I mean, because we know the answer to that without even saying.

Channon:  Right.

Will Johnson: Remember the dossier, the whole Russian collusion delusion came about because of a fraudulent dossier, and the entire left, they ran with it, saying, this is factual information. On top of that, when they had all this fraudulent information come out with a dossier about Russia.

Trump: Russia, Russia, Russia.

Will Johnson: They refuse to acknowledge that it was fraudulent information. There was nothing there. They impeached President Trump in the House over fraudulent information, hearsay, nothing there. So, now they have tangible proof. They actually have evidence.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: They have affidavits, over a thousand now.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: And guess what?

Channon: They don't want to hear it.

Will Johnson: They don't want to hear it. They don't want to pay attention to it. I want to play this clip. Now, this clip is kind of long. We might not play all of it, but I want you to hear what they're saying in this. Because in this clip, you can hear the Republicans and the Democrats going at it.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: So, one is Senator Ron Johnson, and the other, the Democrat, is Gary Peters. Do you want me to give a little more content to it? Because I think it's really important that people know the tension that's happening in the country, and the Democrats completely ignore it.

And then they are talking about, what do you… what do you mean? This is not airing; the Democrat Peters goes, “This is not about airing your grievances. I don't know what rabbit hole you're running down.”

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Because the Democrats lied day after day, after day, after day, after day, after day about the Russia collusion delusion.

Trump: Russia, Russia, Russia.

Channon: According to The New York Post, this was about a letter Democrats sent to the FBI director, Christopher Wray, back in July, making the claim that members of Congress were targeted by foreign entities to change the outcome of the 2020 election.

Democrats have continually lied by accusing Johnson, and the Hunter Biden investigation of spreading Russian disinformation. Come on now. We know that Hunter Biden's investigation is absolute; there's value to it.

There's substance to it. We know it wasn’t Russian disinformation. There was no substance to it. It was all a fraud, and Johnson pretty much is weighing in and saying, listen, stop coming here and lying. We're sick of it. You want to play it, Will.

Will Johnson:  Yep.

Senator Ron Johnson: Jump up in my opening statement that should provide comfort that we have that paper backup. But I just have to talk about Russian disinformation because the people peddling it are not on my side of the aisle. Senior Democrat leaders, including ranking member Peters, were involved in the process of creating a false intelligence product that was supposed to be classified.

They leaked to the media that accused Senator Grassley, the president pro tem of the Senate, and myself of accepting and disseminating Russian disinformation from Andrii Derkach. I'd never heard of the person until they brought it up.

Senator Peters introduced that false information, Russian disinformation, into our investigation record. Fifty people associated with the intelligence community after our Hunter Biden investigation and the revelations of the Hunter Biden computer said, oh, this is you know, this is Russian disinformation.

Now, we find out it's a real investigation by the Justice Department. So, it's just galling. I just have to point out that the purveyors of Russian disinformation, Hillary Clinton's campaign, the DNC, the Steele dossier, the ranking member Peters, accusing Senator Grassley and I of dissembling Russian disinformation.

That's where the disinformation is coming. That's where the false information, the lies, the false allegations. I can't sit by here and listen to this, and say that this is not disinformation, this hearing today. This is getting the information we have to take a look at to restore confidence in our election integrity.

We're not going to be able to just move on without bringing up these irregularities, examining them, and providing an explanation and see where there really are problems, so we can correct it moving forward, Senator Paul.

Senator Gary Peters: Mr. Chairman, I got to respond to that. I mean, you're saying I'm putting out false information.

Senator Ron Johnson: Trying

Senator Gary Peters: Well, one, I just had nothing to do with this report.

Senator Ron Johnson: You lied repeatedly.

Senator Gary Peters: I did not.

Senator Ron Johnson: You repeatedly lied in the press that I was spreading this Russian disinformation, and that was an outright lie, and I told you to stop lying, and you continue to do it.

Senator Gary Peters: Mr. Chairman, this is not about airing your grievances.  I don't know what rabbit hole you're running down…

Senator Ron Johnson: You talked about Russian disinformation.

Senator Gary Peters: You’re going down the rabbit holes.

Senator Ron Johnson: Senator Paul.

Senator Gary Peters: This is simply not what we're dealing with.

Senator Ron Johnson: Senator Paul.

Rand Paul: Judge Starr.

Senator Gary Peters: Well, Mr. Chairman, you can't make the allegations and then drop it in there. That is why...

Senator Ron Johnson: Senator Paul.

Senator Rand Paul: Judge Starr.

Senator Gary Peters: That is why this needs to return...

Senator Ron Johnson: Senator Paul.

Senator Gary Peters: Back to non-partisan things, this is, this is, this is terrible what you're doing to this committee and all the great work you talked about.

Senator Ron Johnson: It is what you have done to this committee.

Senator Gary Peters: That is not the case.

Senator Ron Johnson: Falsely accusing the Chairman of spreading disinformation. Nothing could have been further from the truth, and you're spouting it again, which is why I had to respond.

Senator Gary Peters: This is, oh, come on.

Senator Ron Johnson: Senator Paul.

Senator Rand Paul: Judge Starr.

Senator Gary Peters: This is outrageous, Mr. Chairman.

Senator Rand Paul:  Judge Starr.

Channon: Isn't that crazy? They're saying that Johnson is going down the rabbit hole.

Will Johnson: Right.

Channon: Isn't that all the Democrats have done for the past four years.

Will Johnson: In the past four years, the rabbit hole has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

Channon: But I'm glad you called them out on their lies because...

Trump: Russia, Russia, Russia.

Channon: They have done nothing but spread lies, and now they just want to sweep this all under the rug. But Will, we have a caller, Chad. He is on your; he kind of is on your show on Wednesday night. Chad, what do you got for us? Quick comment.

Chad: Well, what I was going to explain to you as your last caller, I follow the money. That's what I do. I can show you by design since 1964 how this has been in play. You know, the liberal elites don't do anything necessarily quickly.

They plan it out, strategize it, and they move forward with it slowly. So, in 1964, we decided to give those away and got a little more with, you know, with giving them welfare. Well, welfare was intended just to get people out of a jam, not to make a lifestyle out of it.

The Democrats made sure it became a lifestyle and got people dependent on it. So, that was our test run. Then in 2008, we had a collapse. We got more people dependent on the government. We had a 43% increase in welfare, especially in food recipients.

So, now we have the plan-demic. We are getting even more people dependent on the government. This isn't something that has been just brought up over the last four years. This has gone over the last 50 years, and it has slowly been implemented.

Channon: Yeah.

Chad: So, you have to look at the whole plan, where it originated from, and then follow the money, and it will tell you, you know, where we're actually headed.

Channon: Right, I mean, they even said, what was it was in the 1960s the best way to control the masses is through education. So, they started infiltrating our schools. What was taught in schools, and now you see that most teachers and professors are liberal. Right?

And it's brainwashing the young people. Most young people are against Trump or against capitalism if you can believe it. They sold them this idea that socialism is the best thing on the planet and that it works. They failed to educate them on how it failed across the world.

Will Johnson: Again, the idea that you know, just like mommy and daddy take care of you now, the government will take care of you, just like mommy and daddy did.

Chad: I can also prove how welfare keeps people down. Think about people who need government housing. They can't make X number of dollars, or they lose their housing allowance. So, if they make X number dollars, they lose their food stipends. My point is that it's designed to keep people down, not to bring them up. So, this is by design. I believe that.

Channon: You know...

Chad: Excuse me.

Channon: Yes, absolutely true. I have something to go along with what you just said about how people can only make a certain amount. Unfortunately, the people are willing to stay under that certain amount in order to get free housing.

Right? I mean, I worked as an HR supervisor for a retail company, and we were paid well, and I can tell you, I worked in a part of town where, you know, a lot of people were happy to see us there because we're a company that brought in higher wages.

Will Johnson: Close to the hood.

Channon: I worked in the hood.

Will Johnson: Close to the hood.

Channon: But let me tell you what, those people would literally come in and tell me, listen, I can't take this job, or you can't pay me this much because I have to stay below this in order to stay where I am. Right? So, there was no improving themselves. There was no, you know, I want to have a career. They wanted the free stuff.

Will Johnson: There's no incentive when you have the government taking care of you, throwing all the money at you, and housing. There's no incentive for people to do better, and that's by design.

I even have family members that over 20 years ago, were turning the whole welfare system into a career. It is unbelievable when I heard that. Are you kidding me? You see, I wasn't raised that way. So, when I first heard it, it just blew my mind.

Channon: Yeah, but it is unfortunate. You're right.

Chad: But I want to tell you all why they're doing it.

Channon: Okay, tell us.

Chad: Because the people who are doing it are sucking the wealth out of America until there's nothing left.

Channon: Right.

Chad: This is how they make people dependent on certain incomes, and then you are able to absorb the rest of it. No different than every collapse we've had. It has been on the second or third year of a presidency; what better way to move money upwards from the middle class than to have a planned collapse.

Then have stocks 90 percent off, and the people who had to dump their stocks were all middle-class people. You know, for instance, Bank of America stock in 2007 was $32 a share. In 2008, it was $2.78 a share. Who do you think scooped all that money up? Or all those stocks up? It wasn't the average person.

Channon: Right.

Chad: That's how you move wealth upwards. So, if you can continue to move more wealth upwards and get more people dependent on the government, you will slowly suck America dry as a parasite.

Will Johnson: Well, and that's why we have, ‘build back better.’ To tear it all down so they can ‘build back better.’

Channon: Yeah, that's awesome, Chad. I think you for that information. That was awesome information. Thank you very much.

Chad: You guys have a great night. Talk to you soon, guys.

Channon: You to Chad.

Chad: See you soon, Will.

Channon: All right, take care.

Chad: Yeah, bye-bye.

Channon: So, kind of go along with that, it's kind of interesting that Chad brought that up. There's an article on our website, and it's from this man who used to live in India. He's now an American. He was a member of India's top caste system. Right.

Will Johnson: Ah-huh

Channon: And he has a passion for America. So, this gentleman wrote an open letter to President Trump saying that he wants Trump to use his powers to enforce martial law and restore the United States of America because he says he doesn't want America to fall into the socialist hell.

That's what he said, as India did. Let me just tell you a few things that he said. He said there are numerous similarities between what the left did to destroy India and what they are doing now in America. He said, “I'm scared for the country right now. India never recovered from the left takeover in 1975. They won the election by cheating, and the rest is history.”

Will Johnson:  Sounds familiar.

Channon: Yeah, he said, “I still remember my dad and his friends trying to fight to save any freedoms they could, and historically, if you look at the country that was taken over by the left, it is always by cheating in elections.”

Will Johnson: And that's why I've always said liberalism is a virus on the planet.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: It's not just the United States of America. It is a virus that has decimated the country, the planet. It is destroying everything in its wake, biblically.

Channon: Right. He said, “They take over, and then they run the country into the ground. This happened in Venezuela. This happened in India.”

Will Johnson: Cuba

Channon: The left is absolutely the enemy of our country.

Will Johnson: It's evil. Its evilness.

Channon: And let me tell you something, there is a reason why this election happened the way it did. It wasn't fair. The person that the people voted for, it doesn't look like he got elected. I mean, you know, that they stole the election from him is what I'm trying to say.

What are we going to do? Are we going to stand? Because history, you know, we say we learn from history. If you look at history, if you look at some of these countries coming to us saying, listen, this happened to us. Don't let us let it happen to you. We see it happening to you. Please fight. We need to pay attention.

Will Johnson: 100%, we need to pay attention.

Channon: Will, we have one more caller. This is Jay from Springfield, Springfield, Montana.

Will Johnson: Hey, Jay, thanks for calling.

Channon: I'm sorry...

Jay: I'm from Springfield, Missouri.

Channon: Yeah, I just said I said it wrong. It's Springfield, Missouri.

Jay: It's okay, guys. I just want you all to know. Will, first off, I appreciate you so much, brother, that you probably would never even start to imagine how much.

All we need to do and this is the truth, what we all need to do is just buckle down and pray. Because this is spiritual warfare, this doesn't have anything to do with the people. It's got to do with the demons. They got to get rid of each other. That's what is really happening here.

Channon: They got to get rid of each other? I don't think demons will get rid of each other.

Will Johnson: I mean...

Jay: It's hard to believe it, but it's already written. Will, you read the Bible, you quote a lot of Bible verses. I've been following you for a while. All I'm saying is everybody is shook and worried about nothing.

I don't wear the mask. I go everywhere I want to go. I have been all over the country, I’m still going all over the country. I do me, and I let everybody else do them.

Once people learn that it isn't necessarily about you, it's about everybody as a collective. Then we are going to start to see the change that we need to see.

Will Johnson: I would agree. The only thing I would add to that, and you're 100% correct. We need to get into prayer because prayer is absolutely powerful. But what I would like to add to that is that we have to do our part.

Because, for example, I can sit in my studio every day and pray that I could get the notification, get the reach, and make all the positive stuff that I want. I can sit here and do it, but if I never turn on the microphone.

If I never do my part. It would never, ever happen. I could, for example, people out there say, I want a job. If you just pray for the job. Lord, just give me a job, give me a job. But if you never go fill out that application, do your part. It would never, ever happen. But your 100% correct. We have to pray.

Jay: Can I say something very fast, just to add to what you're saying?

Will Johnson: Yes, sir.

Jay: So, my mom, she raised me up in church, and I believe in God. I believe that God knows what we are going through. She told me she said, “Works without faith are dead, and faith without works is dead.”

So, I said, “What you mean?” She told me exactly what you just said. You can pray all you want, but if you don't actually do something to make it happen, then your prayers are just words, pretty much.

Will Johnson: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Jay: We need to understand that this is spiritual warfare. Watch on December 21st what happens. Just watch. That's all I really got to say.

Will Johnson: December 21st?

Jay: December 21st of this year.

Channon: Is that when the star is going to be in the sky?

Will Johnson: December 21st.

Jay: It's not just any star.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I've heard...

Jay: It is going to be here on Earth with us. Everything is happening. The planets are aligning. Jupiter and Saturn are going to be one huge, gigantic star. Listen...

Will Johnson: I think I know where you're going. I think I know where you're going.

Jay: It's way beyond us here.

Will Johnson: Okay, let me do this because I think I know where you're headed with this and what you're saying. I wouldn't disagree with that. I would be so happy for that to take place. You're talking about a particular event, correct?

Jay: Excuse me, I was taking a drink, but yes, sir, I am.

Will Johnson: You are talking about a particular event. Yeah, well, if I'm thinking about the event that you're talking about, that particular event is not going to happen until after the temple is built.

Jay: But the temple is already here. On the same land we live on that we call America.

Will Johnson: The physical temple that's written in the Bible and the Bible gives the dimensions on how the temple will be and how it will be built in Israel.

President Trump, the only president in the history of this nation, was the only president that recognized and made it possible for the rest of the world to see Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They already have all of the furniture for it.

Jay: That's where it's supposed to be, anyway.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they have all the furniture for it. It's in the Bible. I mean, it's written. But you know what? The main thing is that everybody leaves Earth every day because you don't know when your time is. We all need to be ready.

Regardless of all of it. Right? I think we all can agree to that. We have to be ready. We have to pray. We have to repent because we don't know. So, but there are some other things that are going to take place, possibly, and I hate to say, oh, yeah, this is coming.

This is coming. But possibly between the 18th and the 21st, there's something else that probably may possibly happen to where it's going to cause a whole bunch of disruption. But with the star in the sky and the planets lining up, I think it's all lining up together. So, we should be prayerful. Hey Jay, thank you so much for the call, sir.

Jay: You're welcome, Will. Have a great night.

Will Johnson: All right, take care.

Channon: Good night.

Will Johnson: You know, it just amazes the times that we live in, and for us to experience this in our generation. To experience all of these different things because, you know, a lot of us look at what's happening in the United States, with this election that's taking place with the whole plandemic.

But a lot of people are not even paying attention to the multiple earthquakes that are taking place across the planet. A lot of people are not even paying attention to the fires that are still happening across the planet. A lot of people aren't paying attention to all of these biblical things that are taking place, for example, the locusts destroying millions upon millions of crops in Africa alone.

These locusts have traveled to Asia and other parts of the world. They said that it's going to cause hunger problems on the planet like never seen before, and we are experiencing this right now.

Channon: Yeah, and if everybody doesn't know what he was talking about on December 21st, there's supposed to be a winter star similar to the star of Bethlehem that is supposed to appear in the sky. They call it the winter star. It's supposed to be this huge star that's in the sky. It's supposed to be really beautiful. I'm actually excited to see it.

Will Johnson: I'm really excited. I've been looking at different telescopes online to see if I can, maybe pick one up to get a better view of it.

Channon: Do you think it is a coincidence it's happening now?

Will Johnson: No, I don't.

Channon: Yeah, no, I don't either.

Will Johnson: I think it's by design, and it's just like when President Trump selected Amy Coney Barret. The day he picked was the Jewish day as well; this is amazing, all the different things that have taken place and the events that have taken place in our life right now.

The gentleman is correct. We need to pray because it is 100% a spiritual battle. The evilness that we're seeing has controlled these people, and, you know, this is something else I want to talk about real quick.

Channon: You got two minutes.

Will Johnson: Okay. Something I want to talk about real quick. You know, we have these people just trying to implement socialism, which is communism. It is totally evil. It doesn't help out anybody. Right? My thing is I'm sitting there thinking these people doing all these evil things to give an example, all of those on the left, and they don't have any issues with destroying the most innocent of us all, the unborn.

They want to teach our children not to be the way God created them, and they tell us all to be victims, that we have to depend on the government. Now, my main point about this, didn't we all come from God. Think about that.

Channon: Mm-hmm.

Will Johnson: God created all things.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: But these people have it in their minds that there is no God, they want to replace God, and they want to do away with God. But that's a whole different subject. I would love to spend an hour talking about that—absolutely wonderful caller.

Awesome information. I want to thank everyone for joining us. Do me a favor. Get out your mobile device. If it's the first time you heard this broadcast, we're here every Thursday. Get out your mobile device, type in, and send a text to 88202—type in my name W-I-L-L. You'll get information.

You'll get a notification when the broadcast starts, and there's more information that comes out from the American Truth Project, which is the sponsor of this broadcast.

Channon: Yes. We appreciate everybody being here. More to come this week. Let's pray that all the stuff we hear is coming out, will truly come out, and the election fight will be exposed.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. Thank you, everyone, for tuning in. We'll see you next Thursday. God Bless.

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