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Actress Patrica Arquette Said Jesus Would Of Been Murdered By The Police


Welcome to ATP's, Really Dumb Things They Said. You may have heard of the actress Patricia Arquette. She said a lot of dumb things, but here's the group discount report with her latest.

Number one, the actress imagined what it would be like if Jesus were walking around in modern-day America, and she concluded he would have been, "Murdered by police officers because of the color of his skin."

Number two, in March, Arquette insisted that white supremacists are now front and center for the world to see. She included governors, lawmakers, the military, all the police forces on her list and said, "The KKK spent years hiding behind their hoods, but now they're front and center for the world."

She's referring to the Americans, and she continues, "Nazi white supremacists are the many governors, peoples in Congress, on our police force, in our military and so on. We see you, and we won't let you get away with it."

Number three, Arquette attacked law enforcement in the U.S. as racist yet again. "If there are any police officers left serving our communities who aren't racist, and who aren't set on killing human beings because they aren't white, step up and show yourselves now. Step up front and center, and tell us you're not racist because, as it looks to me, you are the Gestapo," she declared. Lovely, huh?

Number four, last November 2020, she smeared tens of millions of Americans, calling all of them members of the Nazi Gestapo.

Number five, in 2019, this radical left-wing actress posted a picture of herself kneeling with dozens of American flags in the background, and she promised, "I will never again stand for the flag."

When you hear such hatred for America and for Americans, is it any wonder that the average person in America does not want to get their politics explained to them by actors?

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