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Activist Speaking at BLM Plaza Asked ‘How Ready Are They To Get Blood on Their Hands To Make The Change Happen’


Hello, and welcome to American Truth Projects, Really Dumb Things They Said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

An activist speaking at the Black Lives Matter Plaza asked people: How ready are they to get blood on their hands to make the change happen? A 21-year-old activist said cops deserve jail at a rally in Washington, D.C.

He said, "Voting is not going to bring us this. We voted in the new president, Joe Biden, but I told folks straight-up, Joe Biden ain't going to do nothing for us because Joe Biden was in office as the vice president when the Black Lives Matter movement started, and ain't nothing changed.

Bringing about that change is not going to get us anywhere pretty, and it's not going to be peaceful. I don't condemn who loot. I support them for looting. I support people who take matters into their own hands. If you want to set something on fire, go do it. The system is killing our people every single day.

In the courtroom, you got people locked up doing 20 years facing life sentences for crimes they didn't commit." He goes on, "How far are you willing to go for justice?" The crowd cheered.

The media reported it word for word. No one corrected him. Have we gotten so dumb that incitement for murder, arson, looting is all fine and never gets corrected? My gosh, how dumb is it in this country where the media can't even call out this guy for what he is?

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