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Abbas Abuses Gazans


Mahmoud Abbas, the man serving the 13th year of his four year term as president of the Palestinian Authority, is boycotting the US led “brainstorming” conference on how to alleviate the humanitarian issues plaguing the HAMAS controlled Gaza Strip.  What is not often mentioned, is that it is the PA itself causing much of the suffering, via the energy sanctions it has placed on Gaza as a means to wrest full control of the coastal enclave from HAMAS.  Despite having signed a “reconciliation” agreement in October, the December 1st deadline for implementation is long past, and appears to be dead in the water.  So while the US and several Arab entities will be trying to figure out how to improve the lives of the average Gazan, Mahmoud Abbas is more concerned with squeezing HAMAS into submission and sidelining America.  How can there be “Palestinian Reconciliation” when the leaders of both factions are more concerned with keeping their own fiefdoms in tact?  Will the international community’s response be to demand a “Three-State Solution”?



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