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95% of Looters Arrested in Santa Monica Traveled to the City


Barry Nussbaum: Did you know that police in Santa Monica, a suburb of L.A., know where the rioters came from? Over 400 individuals have been arrested in Santa Monica after nights filled with looting and unrest. But officials now say 95 percent were individuals who traveled to the city in order to cause the chaos. Santa Monica Police Chief Cynthia Renoud announced the number of arrests at a press conference stating the actions there did not represent the city itself or its residents. These arrest charges included looting, assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a police officer, and curfew violations. The city has imposed a four p.m. curfew as a result of the looting. But authorities have not been strictly enforcing it. Many government officials, both locally and nationwide, have continued to clarify the difference between protesters and looters, saying the latter came with the intent of capitalizing on the large crowds and the fragile economic state of the nation from the coronavirus pandemic. They are out for personal gain. Santa Monica will impose more curfews until the rioting is over.

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