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700 Rockets Hit Israel, Congresswomen Tlaib And Omar Blame Israel!


Aimee Fuller: Going back to some of the violence in Gaza last week and the killings in Israel we were going to chat about how it was responded to by Muslims in the U.S. and about some of our lawmakers here.

Barry Nussbaum: Barry I am so sad to report in every single major Democrat candidate for president the United States is over 20 now. What did we hear? crickets. Deafening silence. Not a word. Our closest strategic ally in the world was attacked brutally, viciously, and terroristicly and not one single candidate. Not Biden, not Harris, not Sanders, not Betto etc. Said a word. And what's worse. Your favorite Muslim candidates attacked Israel.

Aimee Fuller: You mean some of our Muslim lawmakers that have just been elected to Congress like Ilhan Omar and then what's her name.? Rashid Tlaib.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah. Pardon my sarcasm. You’ve got smile or you'll be crying. Both of them released statements condemning Israel for the brutality of the occupation of Gaza. Omar talks about the occupation of Gaza as if she has no clue Israel withdrew in 2005. Every single citizen that lived there in 100 communities took all the businesses dug up the grave sites. Moved everybody out and turned over the keys. And what did the Palestinians do with the hundreds of greenhouses that were left to grow crops that could have been exported and could have been a billion-dollar business. They burned them to the ground and then bulldozed over them.

Aimee Fuller: That's just 2005. I don't think many people know that. They just hear the sob stories from the American press on a certain side and they just get some of these anti-Israel sentiments but again just in 2005 Israel tried to do some peacemaking.

Barry Nussbaum: Literally the withdrawal was incredibly difficult. It was done under Prime Minister Sharon who was a great warrior for Israel but felt he could make peace like you did with Egypt by giving up territory. And he created, I mean obviously unintentionally Aimee, a hotbed of terror the likes of which the modern world has never seen and quite frankly I think what's going to have to happen, and this may happen after Eurovision ends in a week, the next time there's a barrage of missiles Israel is going to take the gloves off the IDF and they should. Enough of blowing up empty buildings. Israel needs to go in there and take out the terror leaders of Islamic Jihad and Hamas. It will free the people from the brutality of their own regime literally. This is not a joke. I talked to an intelligence officer in Israel. Islamic Jihad and Hamas kills dozens and dozens of their own people weekly as an example of how to get in line or get in a grave. Anyone that speaks out, that protests, or has a disagreement with this terror ends up dead and their whole family sometimes disappears. That same general I talked to believes that the decision obviously hasn't been made yet but the IDF is preparing to go into Gaza if the missiles start coming again. Islamic Jihad has put out a press release. They expect full scale war by this summer and they better be careful what they wish for. If that's what happens it's over. The question is how many people are going to be killed and how bad the destruction of Gaza will be because as a general rule the missiles get launched from schools, private residences, mosques, and churches. I'm sorry, I didn't mean churches. Muslim centers knowing Israel will blow them up.

Aimee Fuller: And Barry what is next anyone's guess that we should tune in to the American Truth Project.org and Barry Nussbaum because he's always got the latest. Barry we cannot thank you enough for sharing all this with America Trends. We'll see you next time. God bless.


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