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608 Americans killed by Iran’s IRGC


Aynaz Anni Cyrus: It does not, and I mean it does not, take a genius to realize that IRGC is a terrorist group. They have no mercy. Like literally their whole slogan is their commitment to Islam, Mohammad, and Khomeini being the supreme leader and their creator, right? They are not kidding when they say that. They need every single word of it. They will kill their own family members to protect the Islamic regime. Now don't forget, the IRGC wasn't created to protect the Islamic Republic of Iran's regime. They were created to protect the Islamic regime all together. All together and that's why they're everywhere because nowadays Islamic regime is everywhere. Some of them might be tiny itsy bitsy, but they're everywhere. If you talk to any of the members of our military, they will tell you either they serve in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, they will tell you that they faced danger from IRGC. And I'm not talking about IRGC wearing you know the military uniform going and fighting. No. They are the terrorists. They don't go in there and fight a war. No, they literally go and do an undercover bombing based on their report of American and U.S. military between two thousand three and two thousand eleven IRGC members were responsible for at least six hundred eight American service members. Six hundred eight American military members were killed by the hands of IRGC.


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