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2020: Chaos, Corruption & Coup


Barry Nussbaum: Hello, ATP fans in the United States and around the world, thanks for joining us today. I’m Barry Nussbaum on ATP Radio. When I was putting together today’s show, I thought that, well, I need to talk about the election.

And then I thought, “Well, I need to talk about the election in Georgia and the election for the presidency.” Then it expanded into including the challenge in the Electoral College. What the vice president might do, and then I thought, “Oh, my goodness, let’s open the door and look at everything that’s going on.”

There’s so much news. Normally, the first week of January is mega boring, and this is not that. This is headline after headline after headline, and all of them are critically important. So, let’s start working through it all, but not just in any order of importance, but just sort of as things pop into Barry’s head.

Let’s kick this off and let’s start with a little COVID news that is getting weird. As many of you know, every year, there’s a flu vaccine. If you’re near Longs, or a CVS, or any major pharmacy, they will tell you, “Come on in, get your flu shot.”

You have insurance, if not, it’s $10. Just so you understand the science, there’s a guess every year where the various pharmaceutical companies guess which version of whatever flu might make it to America. They devise a vaccine for it. Then you can get it pretty much everywhere.

The problem is threefold. Number one, that vaccine is based on a guess of what version gets to America. They don’t know, so, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. That’s problem one.

Problem two is, in many cases, that the vaccine causes the flu, and it’s on the disclosure. If you’ve ever gotten a flu shot, you can get the disclosure. It’s about 20 pages, and it is very small print.

If you were reading glasses like me, you’re going to need reading glasses plus — I’m not making this up — a magnifying glass, plus the reading glasses just to read it, and it’ll say things like “This vaccine is estimated to create immunity in 46% percent. It’s estimated to create side effects in 15%.

It is estimated to cause the actual flu in 20%.” They don’t know, and that’s what you’re supposed to get for the flu. Then, obviously, the last problem is it mutates every single year.

So, even if the virus happens to have a vaccine married to it that actually works by the time it gets to you in Cleveland, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, or California, it may be version two or three of the flu that’s moving along. You may not have the right vaccine. So, that’s a little bit of background.

Now, let me bring you up to date. COVID-19 has mutated. Not a surprise. It’s normal science. Mutated versions have been found in France, the United Kingdom, Israel, the United States, and elsewhere around the world. Governor Cuomo had a news conference this week on Monday where he announced officially that the New York lab — it’s called the Wadsworth Lab — has now confirmed the United Kingdom COVID-19 variant strain has now gotten to New York.

A guy has already caught it. Cuomo said this is a 60-year-old man who had symptoms. He didn’t travel recently. The evidence is he got it in the community. They’re saying that they believe that this virus variant is 70% more contagious than the original COVID-19. So, they won’t be contact tracing. Well, guess what?

The first thing you ought to be asking yourself, loyal listeners is, if the rushed COVID-19 vaccine that came out based on the original version works — that’s an if — will it work on the mutated strain? The health commissioner in New York State said very convincingly, there’s no evidence yet that it won’t work, which means he doesn’t even know.

Because that vaccine got there two weeks ago, and this version got there on Monday. So the French version, the U.K. version, the Israeli one, the Colorado one, the New York one, nobody knows which one’s going to work.

Boy, oh, boy, does that make you feel warm and fuzzy? No? Well, good. Because they shouldn’t. Just in case anybody doubted it, I don’t even think the Democrats in Congress that scream at Trump for being a racist, misogynist bigot for calling it the Wuhan Chinese virus — named after the place it came from — even they are going to doubt what I’m going to tell you next.

Then deputy national security adviser for the president is now saying publicly that the Chinese coronavirus disease, COVID-19, did come from the laboratory in Wuhan. Matt Pottinger, the deputy national security adviser, says that senior Chinese officials have even come out and said it came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Do you remember, ATP listeners, all the crap that you heard? That it came from a monkey or a baboon or a dog in the wet market where they capture these poor animals, cut them up live right in front of you, and put them in a plastic bag for you to take home for dinner?

Did any of you believe it came from that wet market? As they call it, that disgusting, barbaric way the Chinese in that place cut up animals that we keep as pets. I don’t think anybody saying it believed it. Pottinger told British members of parliament in a Zoom call last week that the World Health Organization understands where it came from.

That the idea of blaming China was not to make them the scapegoat but to tell the truth. So, now that we know where it came from, which we already knew, and we know that calling Trump names about it isn’t helping.

It is actually condemning President Trump for doing something that everybody does with every disease around the world, meaning once it’s identified, it’s named after where it was found — you know, like the Hong Kong flu and the bird flu, and things like that. Right? You identify it by its locale.

The only time in history that it was considered racist is when it had to do with President Trump. So, what’s going to happen now that there’s version two and three and four floating around? Remember, the shutdowns in the United States were only going to be for six weeks just to flatten the curve.

That was ten months ago. Now we’re going into 2021, and you’ve got the craziest stuff ever happening. The United Kingdom is 100% locked down starting tomorrow. You can’t go out for any reason. You can’t go to work. You can’t go to the store.

You can’t go shopping unless it’s to survive, and you better be on your way to or from the supermarket, or the police are going to detain you. Everybody is locked down in their homes. Wow, I guess that “flatten the curved” thing didn’t work.

So, I want to leave you with one question that I can’t figure out. If you’ve had the vaccine that supposedly works, why can’t you go out? You’re not going to catch it. They don’t think you’re going to give it to anybody else.

Does anybody have an answer for me? I have another question. If you have the vaccine, wear a mask, and you social distance, why can’t you go wherever you want? Why can’t you go to dinner? Why can’t you go to a bar? Why can’t you go to your health club? Anybody? Crickets.

Because it doesn’t make sense. Does it? I didn’t think so. As you can tell, I’m not down with the vaccine, but I’m worse as a libertarian upset with the shutdowns. Because in the states with the strongest shutdowns, the most number of cases; and the states that are most open, like the Dakotas or Florida, their economies are booming.

Tourism is going crazy. Everybody is showing up. The schools aren’t closed. Do you know what I mean? Everything seems to be fine there.

So, Julian wants to know — one of our listeners who just called in — “Are the lockdowns working? Is that not the right way to go? And why is China not having problems and everything’s open on New Year’s Day?

They were celebrating with millions and millions in the street, no social distancing, no massive numbers, no vaccine roll-outs like the United States. What do they know that we don’t? Why are their businesses doing fine, and ours are dead?

And why are they at full employment in those businesses, and everybody here is going broke? What do they know that we don’t?” It’s scary. I don’t know the answer to that. I’m sorry. It’s a great question. I think the question is one of those that makes you think, “Yeah, you’re right, we’re being played.”

I have another question on the same subject. David Allen wants to know, “Why is it that China is not having problems with COVID and their businesses are still open?” It’s kind of what I just talked about, David. What do they know that we don’t know besides the fact that they made this disease in a laboratory?

Whose intention is it to study, modify, and weaponize disease? That’s what that laboratory does — funded in part by WHO, the World Health Organization, and money from the United States. Something’s not right. You ought to be mad and not ready to buckle under. All right, let’s change the subject. I think I’ve beaten this to death.

Voting is going on in Georgia today. Two Senate races that will decide the future of your country for years to come. The morning polls are out and it’s 49, 49, 49, 49. To both the Democrats, Warnock and Ossoff, and the Republicans, Loeffler and Perdue. Everybody tied up, absolutely too close to call. Let me tell you why this election is so important. You wouldn’t normally give a damn.

Now you should. Here’s why. If the election stands the way it looks today, the Democrats in the new Congress that just started control the House of Representatives. The Democrats also appear to be inaugurating Biden on the 20th of January. We are going to talk about that in a minute, but let’s assume it stays that way.

In the Senate, there are presently 48 Democrats, 50 Republicans and two open seats, both of which are in Georgia. Let’s assume for one second that both Republicans lose. The Democrats win, and now the Senate’s 50-50. Well, you might think, “Well, that’s not so bad. At least they can’t pass stuff in the Senate because it would be a tie on every vote.”

I’m sad to tell you, I wish you were right, but you’re not. Here’s why. The Framers, brilliant as they are, came up with a solution of when there’s a tie in a Senate vote, the president of the Senate gets invited to come in and cast the tie-breaking vote.

Well, you might want to know who — who is the president of the Senate? The vice president of the United States is and that vice president United States may very well be Kamala Harris. So, she would get to be invited to the Senate every time there’s a tie and at that point cast the deciding vote, which basically gives the Senate over to the Dems.

Now, the reason why that could be catastrophic for those of you that believe strongly in individual liberties is if you have the House and the Senate and the White House all in the same party, they can and will do pretty much whatever they want because the Republicans won’t be able to block it.

You might say, “Well, what about the filibuster in the Senate?” Well, the rumor is that the first thing the Democrats will do if they can control the Senate with a 50-50 vote, and a tie breaker president of the Senate, Kamala Harris, is they will eliminate the filibuster, which would then cause the Democrats to be able to do anything they wanted and override with a simple majority.

Any bill that went through the House that they know the president’s going to sign. Well, you would say “What’s so bad about that?” Well, let me give you some examples of what is so bad about that. Number one is, what they have talked about for months, which is packing the Supreme Court — expanding the number of justices on the court for the express intent of getting them to approve whatever goofball stuff the House, the Senate, and the president want to do.

Number two, if there’s no filibuster, they can pass absurd monster spending bills. Raise your taxes to the moon, and there’s nothing the Republicans can do about it. They have no veto power because they will be out-voted every single time. Taxes, the court, foreign policy, treaties, etc. It’s just going to get worse and worse and worse.

Okay. That’s why you should care what happens today in Georgia. So what happens tomorrow? Today is the election, today is Tuesday, right? Tomorrow, the Electoral College is presenting its slates on all 50 states to the Congress. Well.

There’s a problem. In at least seven of those states, there are disputes over which slate of electors is the legitimate one. Here’s what I mean. Pick, say, Georgia. In Georgia, the amount of evidence of election fraud is not a little bit. It is not “non-existent,” as CNN says every day.

By the way, so does Fox News, but there are trainloads. Trainloads of evidence on video, in affidavits, statistical analysis, analysis of the Dominion voting machines, the Smartmatic analytic software running those machines.

It’s really overwhelming, the amount of evidence. So, what did a bunch of states do? Well, when the popular vote was announced, say, in Georgia. Trump barely lost, Biden barely won under the state rules the electoral slate for the Democrats selected and they will all cast their vote for Biden.

The Republicans are freaking out because there’s so much evidence. I mean, it’s on video. Have you seen the video of the Georgia counting room in Atlanta in the big convention center? They said, “Oh, we’ve got a massive plumbing leak, everybody has to go home.”

They kicked out all the observers, they kicked out all the people counting, and they emptied the building. Turns out there wasn’t a plumbing leak that was flooding the building. There was a leaky toilet in the other end of the building. It wasn’t even spreading beyond the bathroom.

It was a made-up story. As soon as all the people left, ot came the ballots in boxes from under the counting room tables. Somebody caught it on video, no one can explain what was in those suitcases. All of a sudden Trump went from winning in a landslide to losing by a few votes a few days later.

They’ve looked at the Smartmatic software, they’ve looked at the Dominion machines. The evidence is overwhelming, thousands of affidavits. An affidavit is a certified oath given by somebody willing to testify under penalty of perjury in front of a judge and a jury. This is what happened.

There’s not a few, there’s thousands. I mean, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. Any two or three of those states in various combinations flips it for Trump, your president for another four years.

The question is, what happens tomorrow? Well, the gentleman in charge of certification is none other than the president of the Senate. I talked about that a few minutes ago. The president of the Senate is Mike Pence.

Who is the sitting vice president? The question is, does he have any authority under law or the Constitution to set aside fraudulently selected electors? Oh, boy, we don’t know for sure. According to President Trump, who tweeted this morning, quote, “The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors.”

Now, the president tweeted that after the vice president said he welcomes the issue of election fraud being brought up. But he’s not sure what he can do about it. So, Trump tweeted, “I hope Mike Pence comes through for us.”

President Trump said, “I hope that our great Vice President, he is a great guy, of course. If he doesn’t come through, I don’t like him as much.” Sounds like such a Trumpism, doesn’t it? Here’s a great meme that I’ve been looking at over and over again.

I just want to read it to you because I really think this is accurate. “Only in America will we stop a football game, drag out the measuring chains, and then look at the play 15 times from six different camera angles, to make sure we got the right call.

But we won’t verify the integrity of an election of the highest office in our nation.” Oh, my God. Brilliant, simple, and true, isn’t it? So, what do you think Pence should do tomorrow? I have some opinions, but I really want to know yours.

It’s really curious: yesterday, today, Sunday, the last three or four days, the liberal media has gone insanely over the top. They believe that the GOP raising an objection in the House or the Senate is some sort of coup against the United States.

Well, maybe I should give you a little background. There’s a joint session of Congress tomorrow called into session by the president of the Senate. He presides over a joint session of Congress — all the House, all the Senate — and starts calling the roll.

If at any time any states’ electors stand up and say, “I am Steve Jones, I’m from Arizona, I would like to present our 10 electoral votes for candidate Biden,” If anybody in the House objects — if anybody in the Senate objects — at that point, the joint session of the Congress is dissolved.

The president of the Senate sends them to their own chambers where they will debate the dispute of at least one member of the House and one member of the Senate. At the conclusion of the debate, they will vote. Who should prevail?

The Republican electors or the Democrat electors for Arizona or all the states that have been disputed. Okay, that’s the background. CNN and every other network has gone crazy, as if this has never happened in history.

A commentator on CNN on Monday said this week we’re going to be able to measure exactly how many Republicans in Congress still believe in democracy, meaning, “Shut up, sit down, and don’t protest.” But here’s a little history lesson for CNN and every other network.

Almost every time there’s a presidential election the losing party stands up in protest. In 2004, George Bush, when running for re-election, won by over three million votes. He won Ohio by 120,000 votes.

Not the teensy weensy little tiny few thousand votes’ victory that Biden has presently over Trump in Georgia, but by a ton — and what happened? California Senator Barbara Boxer stood up in the Senate and Ohio Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones, they objected to the certification of Ohio’s electors, and at the time, it was claimed to be a valid protest.

CNN at the time remarked, this is terrific. It brings attention to the problem of our system when it comes to voting in the United States. A number of senators pointed out at the time they wished they had been more vocal in 2000 when Gore lost to Bush by literally the smallest margin in American history because of Florida.

But that was Okay. Every single major network endorsed the rights of the protesters because it’s constitutionally enshrined in the Twelfth Amendment. It’s legislatively enshrined in the Electoral Act that was passed in the nineteenth century. Even wildly liberal Keith Olbermann — and wildly liberal is not far enough left — wanted to know why that’s a problem.

Why can’t you protest? He’s right: of course you can. It says it in the Constitution, and it says in the law that you can. So what will Pence do when 140, supposedly, House representatives are going to protest tomorrow?

At least 12 senators are going to protest tomorrow. What can Pence do? Well, like I said, the rules are set by the Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution and the Electoral College Act of 1887. So, the federal law, the Electoral College, says these are the procedures for counting the electoral votes in Congress following the presidential election.

By way of background, the law which was passed 10 years after the disputed 1876 election, in which several states submitted competing slates of electors. The divided Congress fought for weeks and they couldn’t figure out what to do.

Same thing as today. Then, in 1880 and in 1884 there were very close elections. They didn’t know how to resolve it. So, finally, in 1887, they passed this act. The act was aimed at minimizing congressional involvement in election disputes. Instead, place the primary responsibility to resolving disputes back at the state level.

So, once the slates get to the Congress, the act narrows what the congressional rights are and what the vice president’s rights are. As to how to certify — i.e., if two slates show up, which one can you pick? Now, the law has an interesting clause in it, ladies and gentlemen.

Where the Congress may reject votes under the act for specific defects such as error or if a candidate or electorate is ineligible, or if the electoral votes were not regularly given — whatever that means — there are other arguments now that the act itself may be partially unconstitutional.

That’s been argued since 2000 in the Bush v. Gore fight. Nobody knows exactly how it should be resolved. So, even though the Senate and the House are ruled by the vice president, who, in this case, is Mike Pence — who I assume wants to remain in office — he will be opening the ballots and certifying them under the Twelfth Amendment and this specific law.

It seems that both houses of Congress can overrule the vice president if he decides to not go along. Nobody knows what would happen if Pence decides unilaterally to say — which is what he’s being asked to do — to reject Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, possibly Wisconsin, and possibly Michigan. Nobody knows. It’s going to be crazy tomorrow. Please watch it. It’s American history.

Now, just to make it a little weird and a little more complicated. Everybody says that January 20 is Inauguration Day. Why do they say that? Well, it’s in the Constitution. On Sunday, Peter Navarro, the adviser to the president, was on Justice with Judge Jeanine.

He said, there’s an idea being floated by the 11 Republican senators who are going to protest — that’s 20% of the membership of the Republicans in the Senate. They want the vice president to appoint an electoral commission to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election results.

Now, if that happened, and there was a 10-day window, you can still call the Congress back into session, before the 20th, to certify the vote. That’s possible, right? Well, then Navarro suggested to Judge Jeanine, if they don’t finish the audit in time, the inauguration can be changed.

Jeanine Pirro said, in Section 1 of the Twentieth Amendment, it says the term of the president and the vice president ends on the 20th of January. Then the term of the successors begins. Navarro said, we can go past that date if we need to. I don’t know where he gets that idea.

I’m not saying he’s wrong, but it’s not in the Constitution, and it’s not in the Electoral College Act of 1887. In fact, the Constitution says the opposite. The president’s term ends on the 20th and his successor’s term begins on that day.

Ted Cruz, who’s leading the fight in the Senate said, quote, “There’s unprecedented amount of voter fraud violations and lax enforcement of election law and other voting irregularities.” He wants an emergency 10-day audit in response. Mark Short, who’s the chief of staff for the vice president, said on January 2, a couple of days ago, Pence is open to considering these planned objections by the House members and Senate members, but didn’t say what he would do.

Holy cow, I won’t get into all the evidence that proves there was fraud, that there were irregularities, that there was cheating. I think it’s overwhelming. I truly do. Every single news outlet that tells you there isn’t proof of fraud is lying to you. The networks that say it are lying to you. Because anybody with a sixth-grade education can look at the evidence that’s out there and be overwhelmed by it.

Now, before I tell you what came out this morning out of Georgia — a new idea — let me get to a couple of questions. Somebody says, “Do I think if more celebrities would show courage like Rowan Atkinson, would we not be witnessing the demise of freedom in the West?”

I got to be honest with you. Celebrities that are famous for athletics, singing, dancing — a movie star or they’re on your favorite sitcom — are performers. Acting is basically lying on camera or stage. They are being paid a great deal of money to do it — you pretend to be someone or something you’re not.

What makes that person qualified to tell you or me how to vote, what to think, or what my policy should be? If anything, these self-indulgent children should be ignored as a general rule. Why? Because they always get what they want, nobody tells them “no,” and they’re completely and totally unqualified to advise me or you on politics or the economy unless they happen to be politically or economically trained.

t’s sort of like if your best friend comes over and your best friend’s a plumber and starts giving you medical advice, you’re probably not going to listen to her or you lie because she’s not trained in medicine — she’s trained in opening sewer lines. That’s okay. It’s a noble profession. My God, we need plumbers. But plumbers aren’t doctors and doctors aren’t plumbers. I think I’ve answered that question.

So, here’s the interesting idea from Georgia. Georgia is voting right now — that election’s over in three hours. The Georgia state senators have sent a letter to Mike Pence asking him to delay tomorrow’s Electoral College vote.

A dozen of them signed the letter to the vice president, Mike Pence, asking him to officially delay the count. I think it’s up to 18 now, asking about delay of 10 to 12 days, so the integrity of the election in their state can be researched.

They make it very clear that the State Farm Arena Center in Atlanta kicked out state election monitors. That’s illegal. They said the voting was stopped when it wasn’t. That’s illegal. Piling on one of the president’s attorneys, Jenna Ellis, suggested yesterday that legislatures in the six contested states should seek internal state clarification as to which electoral slate to seat.

She asked, “Can the vice president send back to each state a request, suggestion, or maybe even an order for each state to go back into session in the legislators to debate which is the right slate?” Because, in every one of those states, the law was not followed.

Now, what do I mean by that? For example, I told you about what happened in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. What happened in Pennsylvania? In Pennsylvania, the law is very clear. Only the legislature can set the rules for the election.

But in Pennsylvania the head of elections and the secretary of state changed the rules and extended the time to submit absentee ballots, and dropped certain regulations regarding verification of who’s voting like, “Are you dead or are you alive?” You know, stuff like that.

After massively winning on Election Day, within two days, all the votes showed up with election counters and monitors excluded from the buildings, and Trump lost by one. I agree that this ought to go back to the state: there’s a clause in Article II, Section I, point 2 of the Constitution, which says the state legislature direct the manner in which the electoral delegates are selected.

So, if you’ve got two slates, and the legislatures weren’t allowed to opine, but certain other state representatives did, in violation of the specific state laws, shouldn’t it go back to the state to fix it? Here’s what’s weird. In certain states like Georgia, their governor in that case, Brian Kemp, refuses to call a special session of his legislature in his state to debate which slate is right.

But the state senators in Georgia demanded it — the Republicans. The governor said “no,” as did the governor of Arizona, the governor of Pennsylvania, and the governor in Michigan. So various legislatures are asking Vice President Pence, as president of the Senate, to order it.

I wonder what he’s going to do. I really, really do. I hope for a continued faith and confidence in the democratic principal of our elections that he orders a delay, and doesn’t certify tomorrow because he’ll be certifying massive amounts of fraud.

The confidence of the American public is going to be diminished greatly. I could see the election in 2024 with people saying, “What’s the point?” That would be a catastrophe. Truly a catastrophe. Let’s see if he’s got the chutz’pah under the Constitution. January 20th is the day at all ends. What is he going to do? We’ll see.

I’ve got a couple of questions. Let me get to those, and then I’m going to change the topic’s a little bit. Emily Kominsky asks, “Do you think these runoffs in Georgia were planned to go this way to distract over the presidential election fraud?”

I don’t think they were planned, but I think they were part and parcel of it. Meaning, Georgia probably went for Trump big. The coattails of the president at the top of the ticket would have dragged along the two candidates, or at least one — Purdue — running for re-election.

He did win by quite a bit, but he barely missed getting to 50%, plus one vote. So, it gets sent back for a new election, which is happening right now. On the other side, Kelly Loeffler, who’s the incumbent, had a bunch of Republicans running against her, and the Democrat, Warner, who finished first, had a bunch of Dems running against him.

So, nobody got to 50%. It’s just because it was a very crowded field, and the law in Georgia says, you got to get to 50, plus one vote. So, they didn’t meet the threshold. I don’t think it has anything to do with what happened at the top of the ticket — the fraud — but if President Trump’s votes had all been counted, I have no doubt — none whatsoever — that at least Perdue would have come up with an extra few thousand votes.

It would have gone over the top. So, I’ve got a wild one for you. If you haven’t heard this, you’re going to think I’m lying. It’s true. You may not believe it, but the woke culture of the progressive left-wing Democrats has now hit Congress big time.

In two ways, first legislatively and the other religiously. Let me get to the legislative. The outgoing congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, blasted her own party for removing gendered language as the height of hypocrisy. She slammed her own party, her own colleagues, on her last day in office.

When she talked about the recent decision to remove all gendered language from the House of Representatives. Calling that move hypocritical for the party, meaning the Democrats, of which she’s one, for claiming to care about women’s rights. She was on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox.

She said that the idea of banning language that refers to biological men competing in women’s sports is insane. She said the idea that someone can self-identify as a transgender woman — even though they’re a man, and they go out and perform in women’s sports — it’s not fair to women.

Tulsi Gabbard is right. I agree with her. Yet, all words that are now going to be mentioned in the Congress that have to do with sex are banned. So, words like “mother,” “father,” “brother,” “sister,” “son,” and “daughter” are now banned.

Is that nuts? It is for me. She also talked about the fact that elderly Americans who needed the vaccine the most was bumped out of the way by congresspeople. You can’t even refer to them as your mother or your father, because that’s sexist.

Tulsi is right. I agree with her. Men should compete against men in sports, women against women. That’s the way to do it. If you want to call yourself a baboon, a donkey, an “it,” or “they,” I don’t care. You can’t use biology against other people who don’t have the same biology.

The fact is men have more testosterone, have bigger muscle groups, have thicker bone density. A premier male athlete running with the name Debbie will crush the women on the track, in the pool, or any other sport like wrestling, as an example.

It even got worse. Every congressional session starts with an invocation by a minister selected from the Speaker of the House. The Speaker of the House, as we know, is Nancy Pelosi. She just got re-elected by the smallest margin in her political history.

She picked a certifiable nut to give the invocation. She picked a man named Emanuel Cleaver, a Democrat congressman who’s also an ordained minister. In his prayer, he said “amen,” which is normal. Then “a-women,” so he could be gender-neutral.

He’s an ordained United Methodist pastor. His prayer went beyond Christianity or Judaism, where he referenced the creator God in Hinduism, Brahma, as one who should be contacted by him for the prayer.

The part that’s so laughable, for those of you that don’t know “amen” is a Hebrew and Aramaic word that’s 5,000 years old and it’s all over the Bible, and it basically translates as “so be it” or “may it be so.” So, you pray for something, and then you say “amen,” which means “may it happen,” “may it come to pass,” “may it be so.”

It doesn’t mean anything about men or women. This “minister” — put that in quotes — is so woke that even “amen” sounds bad to him. So, he ended his prayer with “a-woman.” Does it bother anybody else as much as it bothers me?

Are we that crazy to take a foreign language that doesn’t translate literally and decide, because it sounds like a different word in English, we need to change your foreign language to meet our specifications? My God, is that egotistical?

Are we that fragile as a society that that seems normal to us? So, now here are the new words the Democrats want to put into bills. If you’re at sea, you’re a seaman. Now, you’re a “seafarer.” If you’re a mother or a father, now you’re a “parent.”

You’re an aunt or an uncle; you’re now the “parent’s sibling.” If you’re a niece or a nephew, you’re a “sibling’s child.” My God, they were doing this instead of COVID relief. It shows you where their priorities are. Nancy Pelosi was so anxious to get re-elected, she waived all the COVID rules and brought back, get this, the COVID-19 Confirmed Act.

That put them in the House of Representatives so they could vote for her. Why? Because on that day, you are not allowed to vote by proxy. You must be present. They were walking around with the uninfected. So, you can shut down California and put everybody out of business, but wave all the rules so Nancy can be re-elected as Speaker.

Wonderful hypocrisy, isn’t it? It’s just plain arrogance. I hope you’re upset about it. I am. It’s not right.

Quick question from John. “Be honest. Are we ever going to recover from this, or are we done as a free nation?” I love the question, and I’m going to give you two answers. Answer number one. Please listen to my New Year’s message.

It’s on our website. I’ll have Anni put it up again. I talk about asking all of our followers to read Atlas Shrugged, the classic novel. It is fiction, written 50-plus years ago, about what would happen in America with a government that creates problems only to have you, its citizenry, demand that the problems be solved. In exchange for solving your problems, they take away all your constitutional rights. That’s the book.

Fiction that is absolutely happening now in America. Now, in Ayn Rands’s book, people protest. By the end, they start dissolving the normal relationship between the citizenry and the government because they’ve just had it. So, my long-winded answer to the question is, it depends on how people react. Because if we roll over and just take it, we’re screwed.

On the other hand, if it brings the people into the streets to say “enough is enough,” then that in itself will push the deep state away, and this craziness of “amen,” “a-woman” will go into the place it should be, which is the round circular metal container that sits under your desk or your kitchen counter for the trash.

One more question before I change the subject entirely. We’re going to go over time a little bit today. The old adage, “better the devil one knows,” is stuck in my mind. Even if truth and justice are triumphant, President Trump continues in his next term, wouldn’t that make the last four years look like Sunday school?

Yeah, probably. But I want the will of the people to be honored. Without a sense that the election took place, and the proper results are not honored, then we’re no longer a democratic republic. We might as well be Venezuela. Because we cannot, nor should, put up with this kind of insanity.

Where the votes of the people don’t matter and are disrespected, I got news for you — if Trump gets four more years, there’s no way that the rioting in the streets does not get shut down.

With the support of the American people, the Antifa and similar crazies will all end up in jail. If necessary, with federal charges, if the state AGs and local district attorneys refused to prosecute. Believe me. The hammer will come down at some point.

If the ugliness comes back, I want to leave you with a couple of interesting stories. I’m not telling you this just for entertainment, although it is entertaining. But now I’m going to talk to you about aliens. You probably didn’t hear this news, so maybe you’re getting it from me first.

We all know that for the past 50 or 60 years, there’s been all this talk going all the way back to Roswell in New Mexico in the 1940s, after World War II, that alien spaceships have come to Earth, and they’ve crashed. We have aliens, and we know of alien technology.

The government always hides it and says that it is B.S., but we’re still looking to know the story, the official story. Well, check this news out. A former Israeli space security chief, the head of this program, a brigadier general, one of the most well-known military experts in the State of Israel.

Because of his age — he’s in his late eighties — and his conscience, he decided to come clean on the following story. Chayim Eshed is his name. By the way, he was head of Israel’s Defense Ministry Space Directorate.

He told one of the leading newspapers in Israel that there has been and there continues to be an alien-human deal, where we work with them and they work with us. Quote, “There’s an agreement between the U.S. government and the aliens.

They signed a contract with us to do experiments here.” And he goes on to say, “President Donald Trump was aware of the existence of the extraterrestrials and had been on the verge of revealing the information, but was asked not to do so in order to prevent mass hysteria.”

The general goes on, quote, “They have been waiting until today for humanity to develop and reach a stage where we will understand in general what space and space ships are,” he said, referring to the Galactic Federation, which is a combination human-alien joint venture. I read the whole interview.

It’s shocking. If you write into ATP, we’ll send it to you. But the U.S. government has sort of not answered the question the Israeli government did not answer. Both governments have not denied the story. Now, at the same time that the general goes public, do you remember the $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief and government funding bill?

Guess what is buried in that? You’re ready? There’s a provision added as a committee comment, inserted into the annual Intelligence Authorization Act. Remember, that thing was 5,593 pages? That within 180 days of the date of enactment of the act last week, the Congressional Intelligence and Armed Services Committee on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, will release all the files.

Marco Rubio, the senator from Florida, said, quote, “It directs the director of national intelligence in consultation with the secretary of defense and the heads of other such agencies, to submit a report within 180 days of the date of enactment of the Act to the Congressional Intelligence and Armed Services Committee on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.”

We are in that countdown. Now, before you say something like “Aliens! That’s stupid, it’s never going to happen, they don’t exist,” let me tell you. Those are the same people that generally say the election was kosher and everything was done right — nobody misstated anything, and nothing to see here. Wink, wink.

Let’s just move on. It is not and has never been my position there’s nothing there. In my mind, 100%, there is nothing that proves that those little green guys are here, and we’re working with them now. I don’t know anything about what the general talks about, which is a subterranean base on Mars that’s manned by humans and aliens working together.

I can’t tell you their bases are here, and I’ve never seen any evidence proving it, beyond a shadow of a doubt to me. So, some light-hearted news and an ugly news day. It’s going to be interesting. A number of presidents have said they’ve seen the ships, like Reagan, like Carter.

They both blurted it out several times and then dropped the subject. I wonder what the report in six months is going to show.

All right. We’re going to wrap it up with a little bit of raw news. I couldn’t miss this. It is really important because of what’s happening tomorrow with the Electoral College. Here’s what I mean. Iran is counting the seconds until Joe Biden is in the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Why?

Because he and his misguided, moronic foreign policy that’s already been announced, wants to bring back the people that did the Iran nuclear deal for Obama, which was catastrophically horrible for the world. Especially the United States and Israel, not to mention the terrorism exported by the mullahs all over the world, destabilizing at minimum the Middle East, and — get this — more than 100 Democratic congressmen have signed a letter saying that Joe Biden, once he becomes president, should rejoin the nuclear deal, which, by the way, Iran never signed. Without any preconditions, meaning we go back into it, Iran continues doing whatever they want. We lift the sanctions, we trade with them, they can sell their oil, they can trade with the world, and they can go back to openly building weapons of mass destruction.

Your possible new president, Joe Biden, is on board with that. It is insanity. It is going to happen unless there’s a miracle tomorrow in the Electoral College. Biden said in response to the letter, quote, “I will offer Tehran a credible path back to diplomacy. If Iran returns to strict compliance with the nuclear deal, the United States would rejoin the agreement as a starting point for following negotiations with our allies.

We will work to strengthen and extend the nuclear deal’s provisions.” That is one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever read by a major foreign policy implementor. Iran’s never been in compliance with the nuclear deal. The day it was signed, they were cheating, and they never stopped.

Bibi Netanyahu went in front of the U.N. with all the evidence that the Israeli Mossad took out of the nuclear warehouse in Tehran. Tons and tons of proof, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt they were building weapons. They were enhancing uranium.

They were exporting the terror and building long-range missiles. What did the U.N. do? Nothing. What did the United States do? Well, when Obama was president, nothing. What did the E.U. do? Respond with nothing. Why? They all want to trade. They want to build factories, they want to buy and sell the material, they want to get oil.

They’re hiring themselves out in exchange for the wealth that they can make off the Iranians. Have we learned anything from history? The imams lead parades in Tehran on a regular basis, where the American flag is burned. Effigies of the American leaders are destroyed, and the chants, “Death to America!”, never stop.

They’ve been bragging about how their missiles could reach all of Europe, eventually the United States, and obviously Israel. That same Iran released this statement last year, from their supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, quote, “You, young people should be assured you will witness the demise of the enemies of humanity, meaning the degenerate American civilization and the demise of Israel,” as he promised to destroy both countries.

Geez, it sounds like just the guy you want to give the means and the opportunity to. Just today, they opened up the Bushehr reactor, showing where they are enhancing uranium to 20%. And, according to the Israelis, they are now six months away — sorry — six weeks away from building a nuclear weapon, at least one.

They can pop out another one and another one every six weeks. What are we doing about it? Giving them the means and the opportunity to do so.

So, big day today. Big day tomorrow, and a big day the day after, and here’s why. What happens today in Georgia? The power and control of the Senate and, therefore, the third branch of government in the United States on a federal level is up for grabs.

If the Senate stays in Republican control, at least there would be a way to stop the runaway, Democratic leftist, progressive agenda, and if not — oh, boy. Maybe the Supreme Court is gone. The foreign policy of the United States is upside down. Don’t even get me started about immigration and Trump’s wall on the southern border.

If you remember, Trump was proposing the wall and everyone said, “We don’t have a billion dollars to build a wall.” Well, we just spent two trillion dollars last week and sent the money all over the world, and nobody blinked an eye. Paying for gender studies in Pakistan and bridges in Cambodia, and fish studies in Vietnam.

Oh, my goodness. We cannot and should not ever think about preparing ourselves for safety by locking the door on our southern border. You know, the same Democrats that have walls around their estates that lock their front door. They have private security, but they want an open border, wide open.

Why do they want that? Because the perception is those people, once they get here, will have a path to citizenship, and they will vote for the people that put them in the country in the first place. All these goofball relief bills give them housing, education, medical care, and transportation for free.

God forbid we did the same thing to our veterans, who deserves it, who earned it, and who, in many cases, gave their lives or their health to give you and me the opportunity to live in the greatest country on Earth. Also, I just got to mention one thing. Ilhan Omar wants to impeach President Trump.

Keep in mind, he’s only in office for a few more days. If he loses tomorrow in the Electoral College, for talking to Georgia on a conference call — listened in to by hundreds of people — because it was not appropriate for him to ask them to do the right thing and decertify the Atlanta vote.

As if that is illegal and he should be impeached. I just got a kick out of that. She says dumb stuff, then more dumb stuff, and then more dumb stuff. What can I say? She gets re-elected in Minnesota. I can’t explain it. Sad, but true.

Well, thank you for joining us today on ATP Radio. I really enjoyed our time together. I want to remind you, if you haven’t signed up for our text message alert system, what that system does is allows you to get all of our shows for free on your cell phone.

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I would also suggest that if you want to sign up in a more conventional manner and don’t want your phone ringing three times a week with stuff from us, you can just go to our website, www.AmericanTruthProject.org. Sign up there, and you will get it by email. It’s the same content. It’s just a different delivery system, and we’re trying to make it ad easy as possible. Don’t forget. It’s always free. All you do is sign up on one or both of the sites. We’ll give you the opportunity to have it for free. We will send it to you every week.

So, thanks for joining us today on ATP Radio. It’s been a pleasure. We will talk to you next week. We have got a lot of big news coming out later this week as soon as we see what happens in Georgia tonight, in the Electoral College discussion, in the Senate, and the House tomorrow. Pray that Pence steps up and does the right thing.

For ATP Radio, thanks for joining me today. It has been my pleasure to spend a couple

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