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$12,000 Fine for Landlord for Not Removing Shoes in His Own Apartment!


John Alabi, is a 52 year old Christian man in Ontario, Canada. He is being ordered to pay an Arab Muslim couple, his former tenants, a whopping $12K for a failure to accommodate their religion — all because John didn’t remove his shoes when showing the bedroom where this couple prayed to potential new occupants. Seriously. John owns the apartment. The tenants were moving out of HIS apartment. While showing the apartment to new prospects, because he didn’t remove his shoes while walking in the room where his Muslim tenants prayed, he was fined $12,000 by the Human Rights Tribunal.

This is not a joke!


Source: Jihad Watch

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  1. Raymond Zinn July 16, 2017

    good, keep doing that and perhaps sooner or later the general public will catch on.
    I would not bet on it though, they will get what they deserve.

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